We’re always looking for ways to help brands up their social proof game, using the voice of the consumer to generate greater trust. And with our recent acquisition of Poet.so, we’ve made the influential power of Twitter more accessible to REVIEWS.io users.
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Tweets embedded on web pages and blogs etc. are a valuable form of content. They can emphasise a point, offer a trustworthy opinion, and sell your products or services better than your own words can. 

The problem is, when pulled directly from Twitter, they’re not very appealing. In our experience they’re often dull and lifeless in terms of design, and do little to grab a customer’s attention. That’s why we acquired Poet.so. This neat little tool allows you to capture tweets and transform them into eye-catching images - improving their style and impact when used on your website or in marketing campaigns.

Why is this Feature a Game Changer?

Every social platform has a unique value in marketing. Whilst Instagram is great for selling aspiration, with Twitter it’s all about opinion sharing. And with 187 million daily users, there’s a lot of opinions out there. 

What this gives a business is another means of building trust. In the same way reviews influence purchase decisions, many people look to Twitter to gauge popular opinion on a brand and its products. And because Twitter users have a reputation for being savvy and well informed, tweets are a highly trusted source of information.

For some context, a recent study found three out of four respondents looked to Twitter users as their first resource when researching a topic, and nine out of 10 said that advice given on Twitter had changed their opinion about a purchase. 

An example of this is Moiz Ali's tweet advising marketers not to go with Yotpo due to his bad experiences, offering a monetary reward for switching.

So it makes perfect sense to use positive tweets as a marketing tool to reinforce your brand reputation. Poet.so lets you do that in an aesthetically pleasing and impactful way, making it a great addition to your review strategy. 

How Can You Improve Your Social Proof with Poet.so?

So how exactly can this new feature add more credibility to your campaigns?

It gives you more mileage out of positive tweets - the very nature of the platform means that most content published on Twitter is fleeting. Unless you jump on it quickly, a tweet from a happy customer can receive limited attention, but with Poet.so, you can capture it and bring its value back to life. By publishing it on your website or other social platforms you give longevity to an otherwise short-lived stamp of approval. 

You can use your Twitter presence elsewhere - not all your customers will use the platform, but if you have a strong presence on Twitter you can take that and use it elsewhere. Say you tweet about an upcoming product release and it gets likes and retweets in the thousands. You capture it in an impactful image that includes those performance stats, and republish it in an email campaign. What you’re doing is using the psychology of social proof to grab attention. You’re showing the recipient that thousands of people are already interested in that product, and they’ll be missing out if they don’t get in on the action. 

You can capture and repurpose viral tweets - it might not be a regular occurrence, but once in a while a tweet comes along with the legs to go viral. And when it does, you’re going to want to capture it. Take Carter Wilkerson, who tweeted fast food chain Wendy’s to ask how many retweets he needed for a year's supply of free nuggets. Whilst he didn’t get the 18 million retweets Wendy’s suggested, it did become the most retweeted post of all time. Taking an active part in the campaign, Wendy’s significantly boosted its own profile, and generated a mass of content in the process. It all contributes to social proof, and it can all be captured with Poet.so. 

The Possibilities are Endless

The acquisition of Poet.so is just the latest addition to the social proof capabilities of REVIEWS.io. We already have a host of powerful tools like our Influence feature and social proof editor. We’re looking to expand on this by allowing users to take content not just from Twitter, but also from other review platforms, turning customer feedback into engaging images that boost your brand reputation. 

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