Most, if not all, of the Google-approved third party review collection platforms require customers to sign a 12 month contract. We're here to tell you a few reasons why this is a bad idea.

SEO Benefits

The SEO pitch normally starts with...

"Sign up with us and we guarantee you a great position in Google"

"Type in your Company name and you'll see we rank for that term. That term is searched a lot by your customers."

We've heard these types of comments time and time again from our competitors. If they're trying to pressure you into taking out a 12 month contract based on "guaranteed SEO results", stop and think about what that means. Nobody (ourselves included) can "guarantee" SEO results. The reason it’s not a not a smart move is because the review company has no control over Google's SEO algorithm.

Google change their algorithms on a regular basis. Who's to say these changes won't affect you in the next 12 months? What if you're 2 months into your 12 month contract and you lose your reviews page ranking on the third party site due to an algorithm update? You now want to cancel because they haven’t held up their end of the deal, but you can’t. You're going to regret locking yourself into a long contract based on the word of a salesperson who can't "guarantee" anything. offer great SEO benefits for our clients. Will we categorically guarantee that won't change? No, we can’t do that because it would be unethical to do so. However, what we can guarantee is that we work closely with Google and if there are any changes in the future, we promise to do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

Changes in Google

All 3rd party review partners, are in theory at mercy of Google and Bing. If these leading search engines stop displaying results whether it be Seller Rating, Rich Snippets or Knowledge Box results with your chosen provider then you can expect your reviews to stop appearing and for you to lose visibility.

A classic example of change (we've been told by several Trustpilot clients) is that Trustpilot has stopped showing up in the Google Knowledge Box (under "Reviews From The Web"). I’m sure this has caused a lot of anxiety for the companies affected and because they are tied in for 12 months it can become a costly issue.

Example 1 - Marks Electrical, a paying Trustpilot client. Trustpilot reviews are no longer showing in the Google Knowledge Box under "Reviews From The Web" (as of April 5th 2017).

Example 2 - Scan Computers, a long-term Trustpilot client. Trustpilot reviews are no longer showing in the Google Knowledge Box under "Reviews From The Web" (as of April 5th 2017)

Please let us know if you see Trustpilot displaying or not displaying in the Knowledge Box for your company (

*Incidentally, you can see here that Scan has a low review score on our platform, although a high score overall. They're a perfect candidate for our Local Reviews solution. If you don't actively collect reviews everywhere, you're more likely to receive only negative reviews on the platforms you're not using.

Long term partnership

"Think of us as a long term partner, like a mobile phone contract"

If you're being given this as a reason to sign up for 12 months, proceed with extreme caution. You shouldn't need to sign a long term contract to be considered a partner.

How can you be sure you'll still be getting any level of service after the end of the sales process? What if your support drops off a cliff? You're stuck with 12 more months of little support and possibly if not integrated correctly, very little benefit.

Here is how we differ: will give you great customer service and technical support from email, to live chat, to phone and full developer support every month of the year. Our clients love us for it. We will prove to you that our customer service goes above and beyond month after month and if you’re not happy for whatever reason, you can cancel anytime. Having no long term contract keeps us on our toes and our customer service at the heart of our business.


"Upgrade whenever you like. Downgrades? No."

You've signed for 12 months and then a month or two down the line have realised that the package you're on doesn't offer the features you need. Or perhaps you're not taking advantage of the features you have.

They'll certainly let you upgrade and pay more, but in a 12 month contract, would you be able to downgrade to a lower package or will you be stuck overpaying for a service you don't need? offers you a 30 day rolling contract and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you like. We have confidence in our product and service and so do our customers.

How are different

We're flexible. We'll support you. We'll go the extra mile.

If you need a change, you can upgrade, downgrade or stop, any time you like. Our client retention rate is very, very good, because we are very, very good at what we do.

Call us on today and we'll talk you through the platform, and more importantly, how collecting reviews will help your business grow. made it super easy for us to integrate automated product review collection, and your team have always been quick to respond and help us. I love that the platform has some quite advanced features, but presented in such a clear and simple way to use.

James Bertram, Digital Growth Manager

Mango Bikes (

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