Are your marketing emails driving as many sales as they could? Successful brands are strengthening campaigns with influential reviews and UGC, pushing more subscribers to the point of purchase. We recently rolled out a game changing update to support this strategy and are now proud to offer the most powerful Klaviyo integration of any review provider.
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Why should you take note of this integration update? Well, some studies have found a 78% increase in CTR for emails that include UGC. That’s a pretty impressive statistic, and one that clearly supports the need for ESPs and review solutions to work together. 

But we don’t like to provide integrations that ‘work’. We like to provide integrations that push the boundaries with market leading functionality (and all at an affordable price point).

So we’ve rolled out three new features that will take your Klaviyo campaigns to the next level. 

What’s New With the - Klaviyo Integration?

We’ve offered Klaviyo integration for some time now, and you’ll find all its original functions still exist (if you’re not so familiar with what these are, there's an overview below). 

What this upgrade brings is greater scope for using persuasive, engaging content to close more sales.

Here’s what you can now incorporate into your email campaigns:

Dynamic Shoppable UGC Galleries

The Klaviyo integration update coincides with the launch of our brand new UGC Gallery and Publishing tool.

As a user, you can now collate all your UGC - photo reviews, video reviews and user generated Instagram content - to create dynamic shoppable galleries.

And with a few simple actions, you can embed these galleries right into Klaviyo campaigns, using drag and drop content blocks to position them in your email templates.

This has huge potential for driving conversions.

As a use case example, imagine an abandoned cart email.

By showing product specific UGC, the email doesn’t just remind the customer of what they were on the verge of buying - it draws them back into the purchase through a visible product experience.

It adds authenticity and trust to the campaign, and because they’re dynamic galleries, you can ensure they automatically update to show your most influential UGC. 

We’re really excited about this feature, even more so because we’ve made it accessible for smaller brands.

You won’t find this functionality available anywhere else, at least not without taking a significant hit to your marketing budget. 

Dynamic Product Block

If you want to run campaigns using text reviews and star ratings, we’ve catered for that too.

With our dynamic product block, you can display customer feedback for each item listed in an email. 

You’ve got a few choices here:

  • Product review block: display one product specific text review against an image of each individual product listed.
  • Aggregate review score: display average star rating and total review count against an image of each product listed.
  • Product specific feed: display one product specific text review for every product listed, published in a feed format.

As with the UGC gallery, reviews and ratings act as persuasive trust signals. If a customer is on the fence about a particular purchase, seeing a 5 star review of the product in question can take away any doubts holding them back. 

Product Social Proof Block

The third feature makes use of our Social Proof Editor. If you’ve not used this before, it’s essentially a drag and drop editing suite that allows you to turn your favourite reviews into impactful, on-brand graphics.

A lot of our customers use this to great effect for social campaigns and ads, so it seemed logical to incorporate it into our Klaviyo integration. 

This means you can now integrate a social proof graphic for one product listed in an email campaign (matched by SKU).

It’s great for highlighting customer feedback with attention grabbing visuals. 

product social proof block

Use Our Klaviyo Integration to its Full Potential

By integrating Klaviyo with, you open up so much potential for more profitable email marketing.

The ability to enhance campaigns with product specific reviews and UGC is obviously a major advantage, but it’s not the only one. 

Here’s more ways to leverage this powerful tech pairing: 

Send review requests through Klaviyo: by using Klaviyo to send review requests, you can keep invitation emails on point with all other campaigns, using custom templates or Klaviyo’s template builder to establish a firm brand identity. 

You also keep all your email data in one place so you can better analyse performance. 

Use our own Flow tool to set certain sending conditions (e.g. time delays based on delivery or customer geolocation), and when those conditions are met, automatically push the process to Klaviyo, and the review request to the customer.

Create intelligent flows based on review event triggers: using events to trigger intelligent Klaviyo flows gives you more opportunity for customer engagement.

For example, if a 5 star review comes in, you can respond with smart product recommendations or a referral campaign. 

In the case of a not so happy customer, trigger support emails to help resolve the issue, and prevent them from turning their back on your brand.   

Use review data for smarter segmentation: Klaviyo is a data driven platform, and is a fantastic data source.

Customer purchase history and satisfaction rates are of course available, but our review collection tools allow for much greater insight. 

With our attributes feature, you can collect granular customer data relevant to the products you sell. Think hair type, length and colour for hair care brands, or breed of dog for pet care. 

Collecting and pushing this data through to Klaviyo gives you more in depth customer profiles, and subsequently, smarter segmentation.

With this you can send highly targeted, personalised emails that drive much higher conversion rates.      

Level Up Your Email Marketing Today

Already using our Klaviyo integration? You should find this updated to include the latest features, so you can start crafting more profitable emails straight away. We highly recommend running A/B tests to find which approach works best for your brand.   

If you have any problems at all contact our support team or speak to your customer success manager.

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