The agency partner program is designed around enablement - we look to give our agency partners the tools and knowledge they need to drive conversions for their clients. Agencies like Reform Digital, who’s Certified Partner (CP) status brings real value to the brands they support.
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Our Head of Partnerships, James, caught up with Reform’s founder Dave Hyman for a bit of a chat recently. What that chat turned into was an insightful conversation from an agency perspective that we thought well worth sharing. 

In fact, what Dave had to say was so nice to hear that we’re basically going to let him do all the talking. All you’ll find from us is a little bit of context.


First off, what was it about the solution that caught Dave’s attention? The Reform team specialise in eCommerce and had been looking for a good review solution for a while - one that combined simplicity with effectiveness, and helped their eCommerce clients drive conversions through greater trust. 

They’d had varying experiences with a range of tools, but after being introduced to, Dave said he honestly couldn’t have gone in any other direction:

“The thing that stood out is the ease of use of the platform, combined with the level of customer service from the team at I’m a big believer in finding solutions that help my clients and as long as their performance improves, then I don’t need any kind of kickback or other motivation to get me to recommend that product for them to use.”

Creating Value Over Everything

Dave’s got a lot of experience, and is well aware of the hidden agendas that often exist in third party partnerships - and how that can be perceived. For him, it’s all about being honest and transparent, and only recommending products he truly believes in:

“I’ve worked in house at a few companies and I’ve run my own ecommerce businesses, so I kind of have an understanding of all the different parties that could be involved in working with an agency and for me, value is everything. Making a small kickback for referring a good tool doesn’t get me up in the morning. Knowing that I’ve found a solution that can offer even more value to a client who will gain further trust and loyalty to our agency is what gets me going and is always my main priority when it comes to these things.”

That added value is what lies behind our own approach. It’s not about making lucrative deals, but forming strong relationships through honest communication that result in growth for both our agency partners and their clients. 

Outstanding Results in Action

The conversation then moved on to what that value looks like in action. Dave spoke about how social proof and reviews are such a vital part of eCommerce business these days, and how Reform encourage every single client they take on to invest in it. 

Of course, if you’re going to recommend a solution, you have to provide evidence of its effectiveness. And Dave has some pretty impressive figures to fall back on:

“I actually just did a deep dive into one of our clients who works in the coffee industry and since implementing on their website, we have noticed an 18% increase in their ecommerce conversion rate. I’ll repeat that - we did no other changes, other than add to their website and populate it with their existing 50+ reviews on the home page and on product pages, and they have had an 18% increase in conversion rate since then. That is an outstanding result.”

A Seamless Experience for Everyone 

For a partnership to work well, every single piece of the puzzle has to run smoothly. Since the founding principle of our agency partner program is enablement, we pride ourselves on making the whole experience as frictionless as possible for everyone involved, and it’s great to hear first hand from Dave that that’s exactly what we’re achieving:

“We find that works with any CMS our clients are working on and everyone loves the presentation of the reviews with the various different widgets you can install. The best thing is that we introduce our clients and the team at so the rest of the work, onboard the client to their dashboard, help migrate existing reviews across and they even have development capabilities to help install the program onto the clients website. It’s honestly the perfect solution for us.”

You Can Bring Added Value to Your Clients

Our agency partner program takes a tiered approach. When you join, you’ll become an Official Partner (OP), and be able to provide your clients with all the value that comes from the platform - greater visibility, increased trust, and conversion driving user generated content. 

The more referrals you make, the higher you progress. You’ll then become a Certified Partner (CP) like Reform Digital, before reaching our top level tier of Extremely Important Partner (EIP). At every stage, we’re here to support you in making the best use of what we offer, delivering for your clients, and growing as an agency yourself. 

Sign up today and see the same benefits as Dave and the Reform team with a client focused collaboration.

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