Great customer feedback deserves to be shared, and shared in a way that’s instantly recognisable by brand. You can now do more with review content with our new Social Proof Custom Editor - free on all plans.
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Want to collect organic Social Proof?

When we launched our original social proof feature back in January this year, we had no idea just how popular it would prove to be.

Investing more developer time into the Social Proof feature was an easy decision. The content created and the feedback we received was enough to push it further.

Callum McKeefery

New Feature For All

From the launch of our social proof feature we had to ensure it was available to everyone, and with each new improvement we continue to roll it out universally across all our plans at no extra cost. If you’re not already a customer that’s peace of mind that whatever plan you choose, you won’t be missing out on these new features.

Using Social Proof Editor

Key Features

  • Turn any authentic review content into fully branded banners
  • Choose from a wide range of free to use backgrounds including your own uploaded photos
  • Drag and drop user generated images, text reviews and more
  • Publish anywhere in a few simple clicks  

Social proof is key for brands that want to stay relevant, engage with their customers, and generate new business through trust and transparency. Try for free to see how you can become a trusted brand.

The Social Proof Custom Editor gives you more options for sharing review content with ease and, most importantly, with full brand control.

Turning Reviews Into Sharable Content

A simple to use solution, it allowed you to combine text reviews with images, export them in the size you wanted, and share them socially across all your marketing platforms, turning authentic customer feedback into visually impactful graphics.

With any new feature release, we look for feedback from our clients, and what’s become apparent after open discussions, and highlighted in a call with Coombe Farm, is that they want more. More options, more control, and more ways to make use of the powerful user generated content they’re collecting through reviews.

The feature is nice, but it was limited — we have strong brand guidelines that we wanted to match. It would be great if we could have more control.

Lizzie, Marketing Manager
Coombe Farm Organics

We listened, and gave the solution a complete overhaul to create the new and improved Social Proof Custom Editor. It’s a tool we’re incredibly proud to offer and, as with most of our new feature releases, it comes at no extra cost to clients.

What’s New For Our Social Proof Feature?

It’s pretty much a brand new tool, with almost limitless possibilities for creating unique and engaging visual content. What you now get is clean, quickly customisable templated design with the option to start from a blank canvas if you choose. And with increased functionality, it takes no time at all to generate stunning, shareable content.

Easily combine text and user generated images, drag and drop your logo wherever you choose, and select font and size options to keep all your review content on brand.

We’ve added to our background library, made it easier to add and swap images, and given the option to use the logo as a badge of credibility.

For increased efficiency, you can now also save your templates to quickly create new but consistent and brand specific material.

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