Are you interested in learning how to share your positive customer reviews on social media? If so, you’re going to need some tips to help you do so successfully
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Looking for ways to improve your brand's online reputation?

The world of social media can often be tricky to deal with. For this reason, I’ve created a brief guide of 6 tips that will give you a clear image of the importance of sharing your positive online reviews with your social media audience and some key steps on to do it.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • What kind of review platforms you should  be using
  • How to engage your audience
  • Why you should showcase online reviews
  • How to optimize your posts for better results and engagement
  • What kind of content you should be creating
  • When to reply to reviews (hint: As soon as humanly possible!)

Tip #1. Enable Reviews on Your Social Media Platforms

This is our first tip on how to share positive reviews on your social media platforms. The most important thing you should include in your social media strategy is activating social media reviews.

This way, you’ll ensure that all your platforms are equipped with “Call to Action” (CTA) buttons, and that you’re not going to lose valuable feedback and positive reviews that you can later use as social proof of your company’s quality.

Avoide just adding your Facbook icon but if you do link them up to your reviews page and not the busness page. The Facebook Icons might look like this:


Another option is to use a CTA that will get your audience to leave a review on Google, the most popular search engine across the globe.

Google is an online space where you definitely want to have reviews because of its popularity and the number of people who use it.

Author Note: Google Reviews can help you boost your social proof on Google. So be sure to set up a Business Page and help people searching for a brand like yours to make better and more well-informed decisions.

When it comes to collecting reviews, it would benefit most businesses, to provide their potential customers with a variety of review options from different sources. At we make this possible with our 3rd party reviews collections feature. It is simple to set up, when you have an account with, just add the other review collection sites, like google or facebook, and when your invites are sent they are divided between the site you add. If you don't currently have a account, sign up for our free trial today.

Reviews on multiple review platforms should be an important component of your marketing strategy. So when choosing your review collection platform ensure that reviews can be collected on the most popular review sites.

Don’t forget how important word-of-mouth is when someone is looking for a new service to use, a new place to go or a new product to buy.

Below, we can see an example of how video monetization platform Uscreen creates an environment for their audience that highly enables reviews.


We can see that the review is very detailed.

This is a very good review that comes as a result of a Facebook page and marketing strategy that allows—and more than that, gives a boost to users for—leaving reviews.

The same can be said for course creation platform LearnWorlds.

By looking at their Facebook page and the reviews section, we notice that their users feel empowered to leave reviews.


As we can see, the review is a descriptive one that highlights the platform’s effectiveness and good qualities.

Let’s move on to the next tip.

Tip #2. Engage Your Audience

We’re now going to talk about the importance of engaging your audience and attracting potential customers through this engagement.This second tip is the epitome of sharing reviews and content on social media.

As Farzad Rashidi from link building software Respona writes, when it comes to promoting your website:


In other words, you need to understand that your audience is a group of people who you should engage with and make part of your online presence on social media.

When thinking about positive reviews and how to share them on social media, you should always remember that by actively engaging your audience, you can earn their trust and promote your business further.

In the Respona blog post 20 Effective Ways to Promote Your Website, I mentioned earlier that we also read the following:

If you instead interact with your audience in meaningful ways, you can make every post count and get very different results.– Respona

You dedicate a huge amount of time to thinking of your content and sharing it on your online networks.

Make your time worth it with engaging content that will promote your positive reviews and will bring many more in.

It’s as simple as that!

What I want you to take away from this guide is that when you create engaging content, more and more people will want to engage with what you offer.

When this happens, you’ll have created a customer base that’s creating content for you.

And their content works as proof of your good work and the effective service you provide.

An example of a company that incorporates a customer-first policy is the clothing brand ASOS, which always aims to keep customer satisfaction at high levels and build a relationship with their audience.

Their social media platforms are full of photos taken by their audience.

In this way, they create a space for all people who buy from them to showcase their purchases, and for the company to point out their close relationship to their audience and make more people trust them.

It’s a win-win situation!

Below is a screen grab from their feed that shows how the company incorporates content created by their audience.


They do so not by leaving a more traditional written review, but by sharing their experience in images, which counts as a very powerful social proof.

The result is youthful, playful content that creates the desire for more people to buy from the company’s website and be part of their online community.

ASOS also shares engaging user-generated content on their Instagram Stories.


What we see above is a great, indirect way of how you could also get to share some positive feedback that your followers share with you.

You can make this part of your own account and stories, and therefore make your audience feel represented by you.

In other words, when we talk about the importance of engaging your audience, we mean that they should see how they and their opinions and experiences with your company are visible on your online platforms.

Since images are of such great importance these days, you should make sure that your company is following and engaging with all kinds of reviews that your audience gives you.

Let’s move on to the next tip.

Tip #3: Showcase Online Reviews (and Ask for Feedback)

So you’ve already made sure to enable reviews on your platforms and are engaging with your audience.This tip is about how online reviews can help you get feedback about your service or a specific product you’ve recently launched.

Happy customers will give you high star ratings.

When this happens, remember to use the power of their positive feedback and showcase it on your social media channels.

You can use a tweet or an Instagram post to highlight such reviews.

On the screenshot below you can see a very nice and clear example of how online design software tool Visme shared positive feedback through an Instagram post.


This screenshot shows us that the company shared a positive opinion on one of their design features.You can follow this example and use the caption section to ask for further feedback.This is a very direct and successful way of boosting your social media marketing by sharing positive feedback.

Below is another example that shows you the same thing.

This example is from the Amazon Instagram page.


This example is slightly different because it’s not as direct as the one from Visme, but it still delivers the same kind of message.

Through this Instagram post, the company shares the voice of a happy customer who’s using their services.Such happy voices attract new customers, and can make your business look highly successful and effective in the eyes of your followers.

It also makes it easier for them to trust your services.

Think of using such posts as an opportunity to ask for further feedback that will engage your viewers and make you even better!

Next, we’re going to look at two tips that will help you take care of the look of your posts.

Tip #4: Optimize Your Posts

We’re now going to look at a few tips relating to the design and overall look of your reviews and posts.When sharing content of any kind on social networks, the aesthetics of how you present it should always be one of your top priorities. For that reason, it’s very useful and effective to trust companies that help you with content curation.

By doing so, you can make use of social media management tools such as SocialPilot that will help you with the curation of your content.

On the other hand, if you decide to go your own way, you should make use of all the amazing design tools that are available online.

Before we look at some great examples of templates made with Visme, I want to share something we state on our Facebook post templates page with you.

"Never forget that every post you make on Facebook is someone's first experience with your brand, your business or your services"–

It’s already very well said, so I’m not going to further elaborate on it.

However, I just want to direct your attention to the fact that your posts, and therefore any kind of content you share on them—reviews and customer experiences included—are your window of communication with your target audience.

You should therefore try to make them look as good as possible!

Your online content should present stylistic consistency and must be playful, modern and engaging.

Moving on, we’re going to see what else you should do to optimize your online content and bring you closer to receiving positive reviews.

Tip #5: Create Videos and Other Visuals

As you now already know, it’s important to curate your posts and use design tools to make them modern and appealing to the eye. Let’s now explore a few more things you could do and make them look even better.

On the below screenshot taken from Nike’s Instagram page, you can see how two out of six random posts are videos rather than photos.

These videos make up roughly a third of their content on this platform, which shows just how important it is to use all kinds of available online media today in order to share content with your audience.


In particular, videos are extremely attractive to users across the internet because they’re easier to engage with when your Instagram feed is full of tons of images from various sources.

You could also create videos through which you can share positive reviews.

In fact, creating video reviews is very easy and will work in your company’s favor.

By sharing video reviews, you’re also ensuring that plenty of people will not only read but also hear about you.

In this way, you’re humanizing your entity and making your company more approachable to people who might not yet know your business or what you offer.

Moreover, you’re giving those who do know you a few more reasons to trust and connect with you.Your audience can see the faces of happy customers and listen to their stories, which is far more engaging than simply reading text or looking at a static photo.

Additionally, you can use these videos to call on people who might want to leave a positive review on your site to do so the same way. Another type of visual you should think about creating is infographics. As we see on the Google Trends chart below, there’s plenty of interest in this topic.

Term: Infographics

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 12.12.02.png

Although there are fluctuations in the number of searches over the years, the term itself and active use of infographics is still highly relevant.

Visme provides a great and easy-to-use infographic maker.

Since we’ve established that you should present your content in the best way possible, think of other visuals like the infographics above as another way of presenting your content.

This kind of content, especially when it comes in addition to videos and other engaging content as discussed above, will keep your audience interested and happy.

Now it’s time for our final tip, so keep reading!

Tip #6: Reply to All Reviews (Even the Bad Ones)

I know this last tip might sound a bit strange, since the title of this blog post is about how to share your positive reviews on social media.

However, I believe that understanding the power of negative reviews and knowing how to deal with them is equally important. For this reason, I’ll be giving you a few examples of how successful eCommerce companies are dealing with negative reviews that will help you manage your own and benefit from them.

We’ll start by looking at ASOS’s Twitter page.

We see that the company has created a separate page, the ASOS_HereToHelp page, that’s designed to offer support to their customers.

As you’ve probably guessed, this page has plenty of complaints and other issues coming from their customers.


What the company does is very clever.

Instead of keeping the negative feedback or complaints hidden from the public eye and their potential customers, they put it all online.

They try to make sure that their customers will leave the online support page feeling that the company listens to their issues.

This also creates a positive effect on potential customers, because it shows a human face of the company that’s there to support you and solve any problems you may have with their service.

Next up is another good example of a successful company dealing with negative reviews.

The screenshot below comes from our review collection page of Oliver Bonas.


The fact that an Oliver Bonas agent takes time to reply to every single negative review and none of their positive reviews boosts the company’s credibility.

We can never stop negative feedback from occurring, but its how you respond to the negative reviews, that matter. Sharing negative reviews and taking time to reply to them is sometimes just as effective for the person who reads it as it would be for them to read a positive one.

It shows that you genuinely care!

Wrapping Up

In this blog post, I demonstrated how important it is to enable reviews on all your platforms and make sure you don’t lose any feedback from your audience.

By now, you understand the importance of showcasing the reviews you receive, both positive and negative, and how beneficial it is for your company’s reputation to reply to all reviews and let your audience know that you’re present.

Don’t forget that today’s fast pace of the online world requires you to be imaginative.

Additionally, creating content that’s eye-catching and well-made makes it easier for your audience to engage with you and stay active.

I hope this guide has given you a few tips and tricks that you’ll be able to implement yourself when it comes to sharing reviews online.

Good luck!

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