Not all reviews are written equal. Today we're revealing our criteria for 'good quality' reviews so you can make sure every single piece of customer feedback you leave sits head and shoulders above the rest.
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Online businesses rely a lot on customer feedback. Studies show that 95% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 88% trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations.

For businesses, positive and constructive reviews significantly boost their business reputation, increase customer trust, and drive sales. In fact, a single positive review can increase conversion rates by 10%.

That's why as a business owner, you should encourage your customers to leave honest and quality reviews. Learning how to write a good review is simple. We believe there are 8 criteria that make a great review - 6 DOs and 2 DON'Ts. Follow these guidelines, and every single review you write will be extremely useful to both businesses and other customers.

1. Don't make your review too short

Whether you loved or loathed your experience, other customers and the business want to hear about it, so don't hold back! Lengthier reviews are much more valuable to others than short ones containing just a few words, as they usually have much more detail and highlight specific things the business did (or didn't do) well.

spam reviews

A 5-star user rating can look like a seeding or spam if it doesn't have any constructive details.

So, take a little time to review it and take some pride in it - do it well, and it could really help someone!

2. Do include as many details as possible

Once you've decided to put some time into writing a lengthy review, you'll have loads of space to include all the details you like!

The best reviews provide accurate information about a range of aspects of the business' performance, including price, service, delivery, and quality. Whether positive or negative, you should back your review score up with as much information as possible to help other customers decide whether the company/product is right for them.

Specific details about certain aspects of your experience will also enable businesses to reap the value of your review and learn more about their customers' happiness.

A detailed review with photos proves authenticity.
A detailed review with photos proves authenticity.

3. Do use proper spelling & grammar


Good reviews should be well-written. It's important that they can be easily made sense of by other consumers, and proper spelling and grammar will help ensure this.

To ensure your content is as accurate and digestible as possible, avoid using abbreviations or slang. Text speak should also be avoided.

In essence, we advise you to write your review as if you are writing a letter or an email to a company—keep it relatively formal in grammar and tone.

4. Do give your review a timescale

One of the most important things in a review is that others are able to see when your experience with the company in question was. If it was a few years ago, and you've only just got round to giving them some feedback, it's a good idea to make this known.

Who knows - they may have made considerable changes to their business since then. Your review can have a real impact on the actions of other consumers, so to make it as useful and accurate as possible, put a date on it.

Likewise with times, as some businesses—especially restaurants or shops—may be busier at certain times of the day or have rotating staff, which may have influenced your own experience but not really reflect the business in question as a whole.

timescale in reviews enhance authentic
A timescale makes the review more objective, as how a business operates, like restaurants, can depend on the day you visit.

A timescale makes the review more objective, as how a business operates, like restaurants, can depend on the day you visit.

5. Do be honest!

They often say 'honesty is the best policy' and quality reviews rely on this. Other customers look to your feedback to inform them about all manner of things, from customer service call times to the fit of a skirt, so it's essential that you are as transparent and honest as possible.

reviews with positive feedback for improvement
Not a 100% positive review but it does have some constructive sides.

If you've got something negative to say, do so!

At, we pride ourselves in having a trusted brand and helping customers to highlight value and quality, you can test out our platform for free with our trial!

6. Do give advice


If possible, you should include some advice in your review to elevate it and make it really actionable.

This can be either for other customers or the business in question. Two good examples are:

- The heels were a little tight across my feet. If your feet are a bit wide, I'd recommend sizing them up.

- It would be great if you included more accurate delivery information, as my package arrived late due to the bank holiday.

Analyzing detailed and honest reviews can bring a myriad of ideas for business improvements.

7. Do not include non-relevant details

Just as important as including relevant details is making sure you don't step over the mark.

You should never include names of staff members at companies or non-relevant information, even if your experience with an individual is positive.

Do so, and your review may not be made public.

Never leave personal information in your reviews because others can take advantage of it for evil purposes.

8. Do not write any inflammatory remarks


Being abusive in an online review is not going to be useful. It is likely not to be displayed publicly if it can be proven that any libellous remarks have taken place.

We know that sometimes businesses really get things wrong, and we've all been an angry customer at some point in our lives! However, it's important to remember that the person on the other end of the line/screen is a human, just like you!

Keep your dignity and stay polite when leaving reviews online.

If your business receives an abusive or unfair reviews then get in touch, we help you to manage your negative reviews and can even moderate them if necessary!

An Example Business Review Template

A good review includes the store name, some pros and cons, your review comments and a short summary or conclusion if needed. Here's an example of what would constitute constructive feedback for different business sectors.

A Review Template for Restaurants 

Name of store: Bob's Amazing Restaurant

Pros:  list of positives e.g. fast service, good prices

Cons:  list of negatives e.g. they ran out of soup

Review Content

Description of your experience. You can tell a short story of events if you have enough to say.

Upon arrival, I was quickly seated by a friendly member of staff who made us feel really welcome. The restaurant's atmosphere was great, and overall, the food and prices were great. The only slight complaint was that they ran out of soup, but I was offered an alternative, so it wasn't too much of an issue, especially as they were so nice.

Review Conclusion

e.g. Had a lovely meal with my family, they were really helpful even though they didn't have any soup.

This example review is useful because:

1) It lets other consumers know they have great services.

2) It lets other consumers know this is a family-friendly restaurant.

3) It lets other consumers know the food quality and prices are good.

A Review Template for Service Businesses

Name of Business: Handyman Heroes

Pros: [List positive aspects of the service, e.g., professional staff, prompt response, clear communication, high-quality work, etc.]

Cons: [List any negative aspects, e.g., minor delays, unclear pricing, limited availability, etc.]

Review Content:

Tell a brief story about your interaction with the business. Be specific about the service you received, the communication, and any challenges or issues you encountered.

Needed to give my bathroom a makeover, and after checking out a few guys, I went with Handyman Heroes. They got back to me super fast with a detailed quote. The crew was always on time, worked hard, and kept things tidy. They were also really patient with all my questions and ideas. It took a little while to get on their schedule, but totally worth it for the awesome job they did!

Review Conclusion:

Handyman Heroes are the real deal! Even though it took a bit to get on their schedule, their work is top-notch, and they're super nice, so I'd totally recommend them.

This example review is useful because:

1) It provides potential customers with information about the quality of the service, professionalism, and pricing.

2) It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the business, including the scheduling limitations.

3) It helps customers decide if this service is right for them based on their specific needs and priorities.

A Review Template for Product-based Online Stores

Name of Business: The Book Nook

Pros: [List positive aspects of the store, e.g., easy navigation, wide selection, competitive prices, fast shipping, excellent customer service, etc.]

Cons: [List any negative aspects, e.g., limited payment options, high shipping costs, delayed delivery, poor product descriptions, etc.]

Review Content:

I'm a total bookworm, and The Book Nook is my new favorite place to find awesome deals on books, new and used. They've got a huge selection, and I always find what I'm looking for. The prices are great, and free shipping is a bonus! Their website could use some work, and email-only customer service is a bit of a drag, but overall, I'm happy with them.

Review Conclusion:

The Book Nook has tons of books at great prices and ships fast, but if shouldn't expect much from their customer service.

This example review is useful because:

1) It informs potential customers about the store's website, product selection, pricing, and shipping.

2) It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the store, including the limitations of customer service and website design.

3) It helps customers decide if this online store is right for them based on their specific needs and priorities.

In Summary

The best reviews answer questions that a potential customer might have. In order to do this, they are usually relatively lengthy, detailed, and contain accurate and honest information.

Here are some key characteristics of a good review:

  • Detailed and informative: Provide specific information about your experience, including details about the product, service, price, quality, and delivery.
  • Honest and transparent: Be truthful about your experience, both positive and negative.
  • Well-written: Use proper spelling and grammar, and avoid slang or text speak.
  • Timely: Include the date and time of your experience so other customers can understand the context.
  • Actionable: Offer advice for other customers or suggestions for improvement for the business.
  • Relevant and focused: Stick to the relevant details of your experience and avoid irrelevant information.
  • Respectful and polite: Avoid inflammatory language or personal attacks.

Remember, if you're going to leave a critique or appraisal, you might as well do it well!

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