Video reviews are an awesome marketing asset. They’re entertaining, insightful, and offer social proof through the most consumed form of content. So we’ve made it easy to collect more of them with our latest feature release, Video First.
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See how Video First could work for you

We’ve enabled and encouraged brands to collect video reviews for some time now. And we’ve found that these snippets of the product experience can increase conversion rates by as much as 20%. Our latest update removes any friction from the collection process, so you can generate more of this valuable UGC. 

What is Video First?

As its name suggests, our newest tool is all about video - video from you, and video from your customers. It allows you to record your review invitations, so you can deliver much more engaging, much more personal feedback requests. 

We knew how video reviews provided brands with such rich content and we wanted to make the whole collection process easier and more efficient for both the brand and their customer and with that Video First was born 

Callum Mckeefery, CEO 

Customers receive an email with a thumbnail of your video invite. When they click on it, they land on a tailored video collector through which they can record or upload their own content (they can also leave a text review if they’d prefer). 

In a nutshell, Video First makes it easy for you to address your customers in person, and easy for them to share their experience of your products or services on film.  

How to Make the Most of Video First

Tailor your content for different campaigns - Video First can be enabled for both company and product reviews, and you can create different campaigns for each with tailored invitation videos. You can also create multiple campaigns that vary according to product - the more specific the message in each video, the more personal it will feel to the recipient. 

Include a tips video - for each campaign, you can add a second video that guides the customer through how to leave a strong review. Again, the more tailored these are the better. For example, if you’ve set up a campaign for a specific product line, and there’s a particular benefit you really want to highlight, the tips video attached to that campaign can give a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Prioritise specific products - if a customer purchases multiple items in a single transaction, the system will ask for a video review of just one of those products (and encourage text reviews for the rest). You can tell the system which of those products it should prioritise, like the one with the fewest reviews, or one assigned to a specific SKU. 

Why Your Brand Needs More Video Reviews

Short form video came into its own with the rise of TikTok, and is now a primary focus of every major social platform. Instagram Reels, Pinterest Video Pins - it’s all about entertaining, engaging content condensed into bite size pieces. 

That’s exactly what video reviews are. And even better, they come from a source consumers trust more than anything else - other consumers. 

Our stats show that video reviews get 7x the engagement of brand generated content, and drive 3x the trust of text or image reviews. 

Video reviews are the product experience captured on camera, and add real value to landing pages. They’re also one of the most powerful forms of content to introduce into your social campaigns:

  • They can be repurposed across all your channels, easily resized and branded with our Social Proof Editor.
  • Just like all video content, they generate more interaction and more shares.
  • Increased engagement gives video content a longer shelf life than static posts.
  • Video is the medium of choice for the generations that make up the bulk of today’s consumer population.  

To put it another way, your brand needs more video reviews, because video is what drives brand growth. 

Brands on Small Business plan and up can start creating Video First campaigns today. If you’re not using, and you want to make video content a focus of your growth strategy then join

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