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Getting to your Google Seller Ratings threshold of 150 reviews quickly is perfectly achievable. Here's how Nursing Bra Shop managed to double that figure, in one day.

As an online retailer, your primary goal should be to make more sales while keeping costs as low as possible. Review collection helps you do both of these two things.

The presence of reviews gets you more traffic to your site, more on-page conversions and more sales and revenue. For retailers using Google Adwords or Google Shopping, the presence of reviews leads to higher click-through-rates and lower cost-per-click. Reviews directly affect your marketing costs.

The reason why reviews work to achieve these two goals is through the presence of star ratings in Google. The threshold for showing stars next to your Google Adwords or Google Shopping ads is 150 verified reviews within a 12 month rolling period.

This goal is entirely achievable, as proven by a brand new client Nursing Bra Shop, who collected 283 reviews in their first 24 hours, thus becoming eligible for Google Seller Ratings overnight.

How Nursing Bra Shop got 283 reviews in 24 hours

Using our Review Booster, Nursing Bra Shop created a custom email template and sent it out to all previous customers who'd made a purchase in 2017 (so that's going back around 10 months).

The email itself was quite simple, branded with their logo and colours and written in a warm, friendly tone.

The email was sent to 2376 previous customers. Within the first 24 hours, 283 verified reviews had come back. That's an 11.91% conversion rate.

What's particularly impressive is that this data went back as far as 10 months, so even though some of the customers' order dates were quite a while back, they still felt strongly enough about the brand and products to write a review.

The impact of reviews and Google Seller Ratings

We're working with the Nursing Bra Shop to get some statistics on their conversion rates and Adwords spend before and after they attain Google Seller Rating status in a few weeks. We'll update this post or write a new one towards the end of February with some before/after figures of the tangible impacts of review collection.

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