If you’re a Shopify advanced customer, our latest feature release is one for you. You can now automate actions - like triggering specific review requests - from within Shopify Flow with our updated extension. It’s a sophisticated tool that enhances the capabilities of Shopify Flow, and it’s currently exclusive to REVIEWS.io.
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It’s a request we’ve had from a lot of Shopify advanced users - the ability to initiate actions in REVIEWS.io based on Shopify tags and events. But before we look at how we’ve delivered on that request, here’s a quick overview of Shopify Flow for anyone that’s not yet familiar with it. 

What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify Flow is a powerful but simple automation tool. Users can apply trigger, condition and action logic within the visual builder to create custom workflows that set backend tasks on autopilot. All without the need for any coding knowledge or developer input. With those repetitive, time consuming chores taken care of, you and your teams can focus on driving business growth. 

It’s recently had a major overhaul, and the latest version of Shopify Flow comes with access to more data points, and advanced condition logic that allows for even greater customisation, aimed to improve inventory management, fraud prevention, customer segmentation and much more.

To complement this, and to give our customers more of the functionality they were after, our Shopify Flow extension has undergone its own improvements. 

What’s New With the REVIEWS.io Shopify Flow Extension?

There’s a lot of apps that integrate perfectly well with Shopify Flow. Apps that let you trigger basic actions like assigning reward points to anyone that’s left feedback. Useful, but pretty limiting. With our updated extension, you can do so much more. 

First up, you can now trigger review requests from within a workflow using Shopify tags and events. This includes selecting a specific invitation template ID, so you can keep your communications relevant to the recipient based on product, order and customer data from your Shopify store. 

You can also accelerate review collection with Flow sequences using our own automation tool. Select your desired trigger and condition logic to action a review request, and set your REVIEWS.io Flow sequence in motion. Automate follow up emails for anyone yet to respond, or request video content from 5 star reviewers. 

Additional functionality includes the ability to add customers to your REVIEWS.io unsubscribe list, and deactivate review requests if, for example, an order is cancelled. 

Example Use Cases

To give you a better idea of its capabilities, here’s a few use cases of our new Shopify Flow extension:

The issue: your current setup means some international customers are receiving review requests before they receive their goods, causing friction and negative feedback. 

The workflow fix: assign tags to international orders in Shopify based on either delivery status or customer location, and action different review templates based on these triggers.

The issue: you sell both DTC and wholesale, and you don’t want review requests to be sent to your wholesale customers.

The workflow fix: assign tags to wholesale orders in Shopify to trigger the action of adding that customer to your REVIEWS.io unsubscribe list. 

The issue: a customer would like a refund from their current order and you don’t want to send a review invitation.

The workflow fix: set their refund as a trigger to action the removal of an invitation request.

For our German customers, the unsubscribe function can also be used in cases where a customer has not selected the double marketing opt-in, by setting a ‘False’ condition to action their removal.   

Shopify Plus and REVIEWS.io already work together as part of a best-of-breed tech stack, but this latest feature upgrade makes their compatibility that much greater - bringing increased efficiency to your workflows and enabling a smarter review collection strategy.

If you’re already a Shopify advanced customer, but yet to give REVIEWS.io a try, set up a free trial account or talk to our customer success team today.

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