Sometimes a review contains a sentence you desperately want your audience to read - the kind of sentence that perfectly sums up a key selling feature of a product or service. But how do you make those golden nuggets of review content stand out? You use the newest addition to our library of lightning fast widgets.
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The Review Nuggets Widget lets you draw the most value from a review by selecting a snippet of it to publish as standalone content - separating key sentiment from ‘noise’. You still get the same verified authenticity of the complete review, but you allow its most powerful words to shine.

Built for use with both company and product reviews, it’s yet another way of doing more with the content you collect, and using the persuasive power of customer feedback to generate growth.

Why Use the Review Nugget Widget?

First up we should make it clear that this new tool isn’t about hiding content that you don’t like. We advocate full transparency with review publication and strongly recommend you embrace the negative reviews.

Instead, it’s been built to offer more opportunity for highlighting the positive:

Make review content more accessible: when a customer leaves a positive review it comes with good intentions, but we’re not all natural born writers. Sometimes those reviews can be a little too long, contain errors that make them difficult to read, or details that distract rather than add to review quality

With the Review Nuggets Widget, you can pull out those parts that are valuable to the reader to improve their on-site experience. Instead of being deterred by a lengthy review they don’t have time to read, they get the easily digestible highlights.

Make review content more relevant: when you publish reviews in real time, you sometimes end up with a bottleneck - a block of recent content that's repetitive or offers little by way of insight, and prevents the strongest reviews from doing their job. For example, a run of “great buy, would recommend” gives the customer very little to go on.

With the Review Nuggets Widget, you publish according to the snippets you’ve created (as opposed to most recent), so you can ensure certain features are highlighted - like product fit, quality or taste - without the customer having to hunt for those details.

Align review content with your product messaging: there’s a well shared statistic that tells us consumers trust product reviews 12x more than product descriptions. What the new Review Nuggets Widget does is enable you to strategically align the two.

By creating snippets of your best review content you’ll start to see patterns in customer sentiment - benefits that are brought up time and again from the user perspective. These should become your key messages on everything from product pages to ads. This ensures you promote your products based on popular benefits, and can support your claims with those golden nuggets of review content.

How Does the Review Nuggets Widget Work?

As with all our widgets, this latest addition is built to be user friendly and super easy to install.

Create: building a library of review nuggets is simple and all done from the timeline of your dashboard. Simply scroll through your reviews and when something stands out just highlight the text you want and add it to the Nugget Manager.

Identify: explore via the opportunities tab how many reviews and nuggets each product has - your chance to quickly identify potential for additional nuggets that enhance product messaging.

Manage: the Nugget Manager is where you’ll see all of your created snippets, with one tab for company reviews and one for product reviews. It’s here that you can toggle to activate, deactivate or delete them.

Customise: there are several customisation options for creating a widget that suits your needs:

  • Add a filter for content type to let customers search by company or product reviews.
  • Choose to display or hide the star rating and/or author name attached to a review.
  • Keep an on brand look by adjusting font type, colour and spacing.

Publish: once you’re happy with your design, automatically generate an installation code to get the nuggets widget up and running.

Key Benefits

- Quickly create a series of persuasive review nuggets by taking snippets from existing reviews via your review timeline or the opportunities tab for specific products.

- Customise the type of review shown, with company reviews for your homepage, product reviews for product pages.

- Improve the look and feel of published reviews by cutting lengthy content down into relevant highlights.

- Align on-page customer feedback with your brand messaging, publishing key sentiment that supports your selling points.

- Create custom widgets that suit the layout and needs of your store.

- Publish impactful content with little impact on site speed.

The Review Nuggets Widget is available across all price plans and our support team is here to help with any best use or set-up enquiries. And for more ways to make review content and UGC work harder on-site, check out our full widget library.

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