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In the fast-paced realm of online retail, customer reviews wield immense influence, as exemplified by Modern Nursery's 20-year success story. We spoke to Director of Marketing & Merchandising, Rachel, and Marketing Assistant, Dora, to unveil their strategic transition from Yotpo to REVIEWS.io.
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In the dynamic world of online retail, the power of customer reviews cannot be overstated. For Modern Nursery, an eco-friendly and stylish baby gear provider, understanding and leveraging this resource has been a cornerstone of their success. Celebrating 20 years in the industry, Modern Nursery has not only championed high-quality, kid-centered products but also excelled in creating a shopping experience rooted in trust and satisfaction.

It's a great honor for REVIEWS.io to be a contributor to Modern Nursery's success. We had a talk with Rachel - Director of Marketing & Merchandising, and Dora - Marketing Assistant of the store. This case study delves into Modern Nursery's strategic decision to migrate their review management system to REVIEWS.io from a failure with Yotpo. This strategic move significantly enhanced their online presence and customer engagement.

Modern Nursery's Initial Struggles With Yotpo

As an exclusively online store, Modern Nursery faced unique challenges in building and maintaining customer trust. In an industry where touch and feel are integral, they needed a robust system to collect and showcase customer reviews, assuring new customers of their product quality and service excellence. Initially, they partnered with Yotpo for review management. However, this collaboration presented critical issues:

  1. Complex Systems: The experience with Yotpo’s platform presented significant challenges for Modern Nursery. The platform's complexity was most evident in the task of customizing email templates, a critical component for engaging customers post-purchase. This customization process was both time-consuming and overly complicated, often necessitating the involvement of external technical assistance. 
  2. Inconsistent Support: The level of support provided by Yotpo was another area of concern. Modern Nursery encountered frequent changes in their assigned customer success executives, which led to a lack of continuity in the service they received. This inconsistency disrupted the establishment of a productive working relationship and understanding of the business's specific needs and goals. 
  3. Poor Conversion Rates: A critical measure of the effectiveness of a review management system is its ability to drive customer engagement and, subsequently, sales. In this regard, Yotpo's platform fell short of expectations. Modern Nursery experienced disappointing conversion rates, hovering at 1% and below. Such low figures raised concerns about the platform's capacity to engage customers and encourage them to leave reviews. For an online-only store like Modern Nursery, where reviews play a pivotal role in building customer trust and confidence, this underperformance was a significant impediment to growth and customer acquisition.
  4. Technical Glitches: Technical reliability is a cornerstone of any digital platform, particularly one that interfaces directly with customers. Modern Nursery’s experience with Yotpo was marred by recurring technical issues. These glitches manifested in various ways, including sending incorrect email invites to customers and unexplained instances of reviews being turned off.

These challenges highlighted the need for a more reliable and efficient review management solution, prompting Modern Nursery to seek an alternative that could better align with their business goals and customer engagement strategies.

In fact, many businesses found a huge lot of problems with Yotpo, so they have switched to REVIEWS.io and enjoyed a great deal of benefits from the migration. Check out other success stories:

Why Modern Nursery Switched To REVIEWS.io

For Modern Nursery, the decision to switch to a new review management platform was not taken lightly. Their primary aim was to find a solution that was not just a tool, but a partner in their growth. There was a wide range of key factors that led to choosing REVIEWS.io.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of REVIEWS.io stood out for its user-friendliness and intuitive design, a stark contrast to the complexities Modern Nursery had previously encountered. This simplicity extended to all aspects of the platform, from setting up to managing daily review collection and response tasks.

For a business like Modern Nursery, where efficiency and adaptability are key, this ease of use significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage customer reviews. The team could swiftly navigate the platform, making quick adjustments as needed, which was essential for a dynamic online retail environment. 

Enhanced Customer Support

The level of customer support provided by REVIEWS.io was a breath of fresh air for Modern Nursery. Unlike their previous experiences, REVIEWS.io offered consistent, reliable, and accessible support. This meant that any queries or issues could be addressed promptly by an assigned Customer Success Manager.

“Our account rep Pheenix is the standout from our switch to REVIEWS.io, she's helped us with the difficulties of switching over - especially with creative solutions for items that are unique to our business. She's proactive in helping us make use of the full system and is always available for meetings when we need her. We have more features she's shown us that we're planning on adding after the rush of BFCM and are excited to test them out and see how they raise both the value and the volume of reviews we receive.” - Rachel F., Director of Marketing & Merchandising

The availability of knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives helped quickly resolve any technical issues, making the review management process smoother. This reliable support was not just about solving problems; it also provided the team with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that expert help was just a call or an email away.

Seamless Integration with Shopify and the Current Tech Stacks

The compatibility of REVIEWS.io with Shopify was a critical factor in Modern Nursery’s decision-making process. Having transitioned from a custom Magento solution to Shopify, it was imperative for them to find a review management system that integrated seamlessly with their new e-commerce platform.

REVIEWS.io blends with Shopify and many other tech stacks that Modern Nursery are using, such as Gorgias and Klaviyo. The smooth integration facilitated an efficient workflow, allowing for easy synchronization of customer data and reviews, finally enhancing online customer experience and operational efficiency.

How REVIEWS.io Benefited Modern Nursery

High-performed review widgets

The introduction of REVIEWS.io’s widgets revolutionized both the visual appeal and functional capability of Modern Nursery's website.

One of the standout features was the widget's enhanced speed, which significantly boosted the site's performance. This improvement led to a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience for customers, an essential aspect in the competitive realm of online retail.

Alongside this, the widget also played a crucial role in elevating Modern Nursery's review conversion rates. They are now running two flows to gain product and company reviews. The user-friendly interface encouraged customers to actively leave reviews post-purchase, a key driver in fostering consumer trust and engagement.

Additionally, the widget's design and functionality streamlined how customers interacted with reviews, making it easier to read and engage with the feedback. This ease of interaction improved customer experience and helped build a stronger community around the brand.

Effective Review Management Strategy

The adoption of REVIEWS.io by Modern Nursery marked a significant advancement in their approach to review management, allowing them to develop and implement a strategy that was far more effective and aligned with their business goals.

Firstly, reviews collection became more streamlined and systematic. REVIEWS.io offered a variety of tools and integrations that enabled Modern Nursery to automate the process of requesting reviews from customers post-purchase. Our partnership with tech stacks that the store is already using is a big bonus to utilize the resources.

More importantly, Modern Nursery can respond to reviews with the help of REVIEWS.io. The platform offered tools that facilitated timely and personalized responses. Whether addressing concerns or expressing gratitude for positive feedback, this responsive approach helped nurture customer relationships and build trust. It also demonstrated to potential customers that Modern Nursery valued and acted upon the feedback they received.

Furthermore, the insights gained from the reviews were instrumental in guiding various aspects of Modern Nursery’s business. From product development to customer service enhancements, the feedback provided a wealth of data that could be leveraged to improve and innovate. This data-driven approach was vital in ensuring that Modern Nursery remained attuned to the evolving needs and expectations of their customer base.

Significant Cost Savings

The pricing structure of REVIEWS.io proved to be much more economical than Yotpo's. This difference in cost was not a mere marginal saving but a substantial reduction in expenses, which provided Modern Nursery with a greater degree of financial flexibility. The savings achieved were not just numbers on a balance sheet; they represented a reallocation of resources that could be funneled back into the business to drive growth and improve customer experience.

One of the most tangible outcomes of these savings was Modern Nursery's ability to get a data entry assistant. This is of great help in managing the increased volume of customer data and reviews efficiently. 

REVIEWS.io’s Partner Network: Expanded Capabilities

REVIEWS.io + Influence.io: Upgrade Loyalty Strategies

When using REVIEWS.io, Modern Nursery can also enjoy the extensive benefits of using Influence.io, another product of REVIEWS.io's ecosystem. The dedicated Customer Success Management (CSM) provided by REVIEWS.io and Influence.io played a pivotal role in streamlining Modern Nursery's operations and enhancing their marketing strategies.

Influence.io is a cutting-edge loyalty platform designed to amplify loyalty programs and leverage affiliate marketing. It enabled them to encourage customers' reviews through a point-based system. These points can then be converted to discounts or other rewards to enhance repeat purchases. By incorporating reviews and loyalty strategies into their marketing narrative, Modern Nursery can not only get more reviews but also build a long-lasting relationship with customers and keep them coming back for more.

Combining reviews strategy and loyalty program is an excellent idea to strengthen customer relationship

REVIEWS.io + Gorgias: Respond to Reviews with Ease

Modern Nursery have been using Gorgias since 2020 for customer support, and they love the platform. It not only provides in-depth customer support metrics (like first response time, resolution time, and CSAT) but also allows CX teams to provide better customer experiences overall. 

Integrating REVIEWS.io with Gorgias made the tool even more powerful by enhancing efficiency for the Modern Nursery team.

One of the biggest positives of combining Reviews.io with Gorgias was that it ensured that Modern Nursery’s support team could manage customer feedback more effectively. Now, the team has the proper tools to track and respond to that feedback, whether positive or negative, in a timely and appropriate way.

“The Gorgias integration has been key in winning over our customer care team, as they're able to respond to reviews directly from their hub instead of needing to log into multiple platforms and toggle between them every day.” - Rachel F., Director of Marketing & Merchandising

A Platform Switch Can Make Magic

Modern Nursery's experience with REVIEWS.io is a compelling example of how the right review management system can transform an e-commerce business. It highlights the importance of selecting a platform that is not just a tool but a partner in business growth, equipped to understand and meet the unique challenges of the online retail world.

If you are struggling with your current customer reviews solution and looking for a change in review management system, consider following in the footsteps of Modern Nursery. Discover the potential of REVIEWS.io to transform your customer engagement and drive your business forward. 

Join Modern Nursery and make the switch today.

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