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In our latest case study we head over to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where digital agency Responsival and client Day Owl have been busy exploring the REVIEWS.io solution. We caught up with them to hear more about migration from Yotpo, headless integration, and their experience with our US team.
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Looking to Migrate to the Leading Online Review Solution?

Award winning Responsival specialises in results driven web development, UX design and digital marketing. Day Owl is a sustainable bag company and certified B Corporation - meaning it’s recognised as meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

It’s bags are made from waste materials bound for landfill, and it encourages a return scheme for end of life, with products either repaired and resold, or recycled. 

With no shortage of bag makers out there, Day Owl recognised the value of customer feedback as an endorsement for both its products and brand values.

Having collected hundreds of reviews through its original partner Yotpo, it sought a change in late 2020, which brought the Responsival and REVIEWS.io teams together to support Day Owl with the transition over to our platform.

Migrating Reviews collectively is more straight forward than you think

The Responsival team are no strangers to review solutions and their variations - be those in features, functionality and/or customer support.

So, when Day Owl approached them about the switch, they already had questions based on their past experience. Questions like how to create product groupings, how to deactivate reviews for certain items, and most importantly, how to migrate Day Owl’s existing reviews from Yotpo to REVIEWS.io. 

They’d asked these same questions before when switching to other providers and had largely been left to their own devices, researching and ultimately executing DIY solutions.

That’s leagues away from the approach we promote, so it’s great to hear that our US team did us proud.

With REVIEWS.io, we were able to collaborate heavily with their support team. They provided helpful tips and tricks along the way and our experience with the overall data migration process could not have been smoother. – Bryan Brown, CEO, Responsival 

It’s also great to hear that level of support continued beyond the initial migration, with all three parties working together as what Responisval refers to as a collective. From product groupings to front-end display, Day Owl was up and running with an effective review solution in just a week.  

Having been a part of dozens of similar migrational experiences in the past, we were pleasantly surprised with the level of TLC that REVIEWS.io put into the onboarding process. – Nikush Dalia, DOE, Responsival

Integrating REVIEWS.io and Headless Architecture

In 2021, Day Owl set Responsival another challenge. It was looking to up its store’s performance with sub-second load times. The agency had just the solution, suggesting a switch to its proprietary, fully hosted headless solution - bl!nk.

Of course, as part of the process Responsival needed to make sure no front-end functionality was lost. This meant rebuilding integrations to replace those served up as automatic apps for use with monolithic platforms like Shopify. 

Some of those integrations proved troublesome but others, like REVIEWS.io, were much more straightforward - thanks in part to the partnership that exists between both teams involved.  

Recreating all of the frontend widget displays consumed minimal time and resources. As always, their support was readily available to answer any technical questions that arose throughout the process. As bl!nk continues to grow its headless integration library, we hope other softwares we come across will be as seamlessly integratable and accommodating as REVIEWS.io.

Day Owl’s Growth Strategy with REVIEWS.io

One of the main reasons Day Owl chose to switch to REVIEWS.io was to take advantage of cross-platform integrations that promote business growth - primarily the acquisition of Google Seller Ratings for greater trust, increased CTR, and lower PPC costs. 

The next step is to harness the power of its best-of-breed tech stack by integrating REVIEWS.io with its ESP, Klaviyo. This combination enables sophisticated use of customer data and UGC to improve the customer experience - increasing consumer loyalty, customer retention and LTV. 

There’s one voice that’s been missing from this case study so far, and that’s that of the end client, Day Owl. So here’s what it’s COO, Sam Klien, had to say about the whole experience.

There is no better customer acquisition content than customer validation! Using REVIEWS.io and bl!nk, we are able to automate review collection, easily display them in the appropriate places on (and off!) our site and engage with customers who have questions or comments. This work has contributed directly to growing our profitability as we have lowered our customer acquisition costs using review content and also increased our site conversion!

Sam Klein, COO, Day Owl

If you’re an agency looking to support your clients with a market leading review solution, check out our agency partner program. We work with partners across the UK, US, Australia and DACH region, collaborating to deliver on behalf of the brands we represent. 

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