As one of our main competitors, you’d reasonably expect us to find fault with Yotpo, but here’s the thing - we actually think it offers a pretty decent product. Or rather, it offers a pretty decent product if you’re not concerned about your bottom line, and are happy paying over the odds when there are far more effective and cheaper alternatives out there.
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See how far your Yotpo budget can stretch

That’s what we’re learning from a growing number of brands making the switch from Yotpo to And we keep hearing the same stories time and again.

Yes, Yotpo offers a good range of eCommerce marketing tools, but its pricing and customer service pose a critical disadvantage. It’s impossible for brands to see any ROI when they’re paying so much for a solution in the first place, and on top of that aren’t receiving the support they need to implement it. It’s not just brands we’ve encountered personally either. There’s entire communities on Twitter  ensuring new businesses don’t make the same mistakes they did by advocating against the use of Yotpo.

But these claims are pretty empty without context, and if you’re thinking of switching, we know you need proof that there’s value in doing so. So, here’s a look at five brands that have, what made them do it, and the benefits your business would see if you made the same move. 

Jimmy Joy Needed Better Value for Money 

Value for money and customer service were the main deciding switch factors for Jimmy Joy. Having been with Yotpo for years, the team had experienced a lack of responsiveness and support, waiting days, sometimes even weeks for assistance. In exploring a Yotpo alternatives, Jimmy Joy found to be the best choice of any other provider, offering comparable features to Yotpo at a lower price point, and with support accessible in minutes. 

We sit at a lower (and more transparent) price point than Yotpo, but the features we offer are in most cases comparable. In fact in some cases they’re much more powerful, like with our Flow tool for custom email sequences, and our new Video First tool designed for the collection of valuable UGC. 

That means your ROI will be so much greater, as you’re able to implement a more effective review strategy at a fraction of the cost. 

Charlie Hustle Wanted a Cheaper Platform 

At the time Charlie Hustle switched to, it had one goal in mind - more review content. Whilst this would have been possible through Yotpo, it found it was paying a premium for features it just didn’t need, and the ROI was proving unjustifiable. With, it found an affordable, flexible solution. Our platform helped the team achieve their initial goal, and they’re now exploring more of our features to build on their success.  

When we were with Yotpo, we were using a small percentage of what it was capable of, but still paying 100% of the premium cost. That’s something we can’t justify as a growing company. All we wanted at the time was to collect more review content. made it easy and cost effective for us to do that.

Greg Moore, COO, Charlie Hustle

The obvious benefit of using a cheaper platform is that it saves you money, and in this instance those savings are often in the £1,000s. That’s a big chunk of your budget that can be reallocated to other tools and activities that help drive business growth. 

Another plus point here is that in switching to a cheaper, reviews specific platform (unlike Yotpo’s expensive, multifaceted product offering), you can build a best-of-breed tech stack, with specialised solutions that will meet your needs far more effectively. 

Fat Lad At The Back Looked for Better Flexibility 

Fat Lad At The Back took the opportunity to switch from Yotpo when it set up a new website. It wanted a solution that was user friendly, could better support its growth, gave more flexibility for on-site publishing, and proved better value for money. 

We switched to for a lot of reasons. Features and price point were two key factors. It also integrates really well with Shopify, looks great on our site, and is so easy to use.

Lynn Bye, Co-Founder, Fat Lad At The Back

You want your product and landing pages to look spot on, whatever browser and whatever device they’re viewed on. That means your site design needs to be flexible and adaptable, as do any publication tools you use - like review widgets. 

If you’re restricted in terms of how you can publish reviews, you’re prevented from placing them where they’ll have the greatest impact for your specific store design. The ability to change your site at speed also means you can be super responsive to any algorithm changes. 

VAAY Needed Better Customer Service 

Customer service was again a big issue for the team at VAAY, as well as the fact that it was using both Yotpo and Ekomi to meet its needs. In, it found everything it was looking for in a single solution, and our seamless integrations with Shopify, Klaviyo and LoyaltyLion has enabled VAAY to leverage real growth potential through a powerful tech stack.  

Switching from Yotpo to was definitely the right way to go. The features, integrations and customer service are all fantastic for us, and our US agency partner has found the same.

Kevin Urbaum, Head of Tech, VAAY

Effective onboarding is one of the key things you should look for in a SaaS provider. You want to keep downtime to an absolute minimum when getting set up, so having any and all questions answered in quick time is critical. 

You also want that support to continue, with a responsive team on hand to help you make best use of all features available, in a way that is beneficial to your business objectives. Without good customer service, you’re essentially getting limited use of the technology you’re paying for.  

LoveRaw Required Faster Loading Times 

It was LoveRaw’s digital agency that recommended they switch from Yotpo to, primarily to eliminate the problems they’d been having with on-site publication and the impact of Yotpo’s widgets on loading times. As a bonus, our platform supported existing activities across Google Shopping, PPC and search ads and, despite concerns, the reputation the brand had already built was maintained thanks to our seamless migration process.

We were concerned we’d lose the trust we’d already built through customer reviews but everything was transferred over no problem. And with the widgets installed, we have a cleaner, faster and better performing site.

Charlotte Geoghegan, Digital Marketing Manager, LoveRaw

How quick your site is to load has a major impact on conversion rates. 40% of consumers will abandon a site if its loading time exceeds three seconds, with standard expectations of two seconds or less. Having abandoned it once, they’re also much less likely to return, so it’s in your best interests to ditch anything significantly slowing you down. 

Our latest product and floating widgets load three times faster than previous designs, and considerably faster than competitor widgets, keeping your customers on site and on track to make a purchase. 

Switching From Yotpo To Is A Breeze - But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We know that switching review provider can be daunting, so we’ve prioritised making the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible. Importing existing reviews and getting you set up for on-site publication typically takes our team no more than an hour, and our onboarding process makes sure you have the knowledge to use the solution to full effect. 

Again, we’d be hypocrites if we didn’t use customer advocacy to support our claim here, so here’s what digital agency Responsival had to say about its experience when supporting client Day Owl with its Yotpo to switch:

Having been part of dozens of similar migrational experiences in the past, we were pleasantly surprised with the level of TLC that put into the onboarding process.

Nikush Dalia, Director of Engineering, Responsival

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