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Account details may vary. The feature is now part of the subscription increased their overall review score on third party platforms by 177% without sacrificing their score using Third Party Review Collection.

In a 25-week study of both and (both part of Dixons Carphone PLC), data shows that a huge increase in both the volume and rating of reviews collecting on third party platforms was made possible using's review collection platform.

As the first UK online mobile phone store, established 19 years ago, knows a thing or two about mobile phones. Every week, thousands of customers give positive reviews on the platform.

One of the unique features of's Growing Business package is the ability to direct a chosen percentage of review traffic to a wide range of third party sites.

The goal is to allow business owners to take more control over their review score across the web by collecting more reviews from their happy customers. By asking all their customers for reviews, improved their overall review score. You can see from the figures below the increases in numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 star reviews.

The problem and's review rating on a third party platform needed some improvement. The reason was that without actively asking their clients for reviews, only the generally more negative experiences were written about.

The solution

To improve a review score, the best course of action is simply to actively request reviews from your customers, who are more likely to write a positive review for you.

During the 25-week study, and sent 100% of their review traffic (emails requesting reviews from their customers) to their public third party platform page instead of the platform (on which they already have a great overall review score).

Their clients wrote reviews on the public third party review platform page, and the study concluded that and's third party review score increased by 109% and 177% respectively.

Study results

E2save results were as follows:-

  • Third Party Overall Score: +177%
  • Total number of reviews: +42% results were as follows:-

  • Third Party Overall Score: +109%
  • Total number of reviews: +50%


Using's unique Local Review solution, businesses need not worry about inconsistent review scores online. Nor do they need to pay fees to multiple review partners, because offers an all-in-one solution.

We are licensed with Google so you will maintain eligibility for Google Seller Ratings and stars in your Google Adwords and Shopping PPC campaigns. offers no long contracts and fair monthly pricing. You can sign up using the link below.

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