What did you learn from last BFCM? Do you know which products got top reviews and which fell short of expectation? Do you know how well your support team performed, or how delivery times impacted customer satisfaction? With AI sentiment analysis, you can uncover key insights to make every BFCM more successful than the last. Here’s how.
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Marketing, product management, customer service, logistics - whatever hat you wear in an eCommerce business, seasonal campaigns are hard work. Not only do you have to deal with the pressures of increased demand, you also need to stand out from countless other brands and retailers competing for custom.

To do that, you need to offer more than flash sales and discounts. You need to create an experience that delivers on every expectation customers have when it comes to an event like BFCM. 

And to do that, you need to take valuable learnings from your past campaigns. 

There’s a couple of features in the REVIEWS.io toolkit that seriously streamline this learning process. One facilitates targeted data collection at scale, while the other analyzes that data in seconds to give you a concise and insightful picture of consumer sentiment. 

These features are Review Attributes and AI Assistant respectively. 

How to Use Review Attributes and AI Assistant to Run Smarter BFCM Campaigns

First up, let's take a quick look at these features independently so we know exactly what we’re talking about:

Review Attributes - these are additional questions that you add to review requests. They’re completely customizable and come with a range of question types like multiple choice, rating scales and free text. Essentially, they’re a tool for prompting feedback on very specific aspects of your business. 

AI Assistant - this is your companion for highly advanced data analysis. Ask it a question, and AI Assistant will mine your review data at speed to uncover actionable insights. There’s also an ‘Insights’ tool which allows you to produce detailed reports based on specific filters (AI Assistant is one of multiple ways we’re using AI to enhance the REVIEWS.io solution).

So how can these tools help you run better campaigns?

Well, if you’ve been a REVIEWS.io customer for a while, you can use the new AI Assistant to mine review data from specific time periods - like last year’s BFCM or any other seasonal campaign you’ve run in the past.

You can ask what your top rated products were, or what you might look to remove from your next sale based on poor review scores.

You can ask if there’s a specific member of customer support that stood out, or if there were any problematic patterns around delivery times.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Of course, AI Assistant can only mine the data that exists - it’s totally reliant on the feedback past customers have volunteered. If you didn’t specifically ask for opinions on customer support or delivery, those opinions might not be there to learn from. 

That’s why we’re recommending all our customers make strategic use of Review Attributes in any upcoming campaigns - prompting targeted feedback that can be leveraged for more informed and effective campaign strategies moving forward. 

5 Key Areas for BFCM Feedback (with Suggested Questions)

What you look to extract from customer feedback is of course entirely up to you, and dependent on the needs of your business. But since the concept of using Review Attributes and AI Assistant is brand new, we thought we’d offer up some inspiration.

Here’s a few areas you might look to focus on as we head towards this year’s BFCM, and some additional questions you might add to review requests for this period:

1. Packaging

Packaging affects the first impression customers have of your brand and is a primary focus as consumers look to make more sustainable purchases (particularly over a season like BFCM where those purchases may be many). 

Additional Questions:

  • How satisfied were you with the packaging of your order?
  • Did the packaging protect the products adequately during shipping?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving the packaging? 

2. Customer Support

A busy season is bound to bring challenges and service issues. Thankfully, good customer support can turn those challenges into positive experiences and build trust with your customers.

Additional Questions:

  • Did you have any interactions with our customer support team? If so, please rate your experience.
  • Were your questions or concerns addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner?
  • Was there a particular member of our support team that stood out?

3. Delivery and Shipping

If you want to keep your customers happy you have to offer timely and reliable delivery, even during high-demand seasons like BFCM. But if you outsource delivery to a 3PL, it’s not always easy to keep track of performance.

Additional Questions:

  • How satisfied were you with the delivery time of your order?
  • Did you experience any shipping delays or issues?
  • Are there any suggestions for improving the shipping process?

4. Website Performance

Your website will inevitably see increased traffic during BFCM, so it needs to be able to cope. No matter how busy things get, it needs to deliver a consistently smooth shopping experience. Although our widgets are dynamic and

Additional Questions:

  • Did you encounter any difficulties while navigating our website?
  • Were there any technical issues or slow loading times that you experienced?
  • How can we enhance your online shopping experience on our website?

5. Omni-channel Experience

Customers rarely come at you through one specific channel, and they certainly won't during a seasonal campaign. Wherever they engage with your brand, consistency in their experience is key.

Additional Questions:

  • Did you interact with our brand through multiple channels?
  • Did you find a consistent experience and messaging across these channels?
  • Is there anything we can do to improve the integration of our omni-channel experience?

When designing your review requests, mix it up with your question types. Multiple choice and Yes/No questions are quick and easy for the customer, while centered selection questions are great for measuring deviation from standard. Be sure to leave room for open-ended comments so customers can provide specific suggestions and elaborate on their experiences.

How to Turn Feedback into Actionable Insight

So now you have all this data, what learnings should you be looking to take from it? Again, this is very much subjective. It all depends on the Review Attributes you collected, and the areas you feel you need to focus on most to improve your campaigns. 

For a little bit of broad inspiration, consider the following:

  • What are the most common themes or factors that positively influenced customer satisfaction?
  • Can you identify specific products or categories that received the highest satisfaction ratings?
  • What are the main pain points or areas where customers expressed dissatisfaction?
  • Based on the feedback, what are the top three actionable recommendations to improve our BFCM campaign next year?
  • Are there any early warning signs for issues that could arise?
  • Do any specific terms or issues stand out that require attention?

And of course, you can use AI Insights to generate in-depth reports on specific business functions, which you can then share with the relevant departments.

Optimize your Seasonal Campaigns with REVIEWS.io

Collecting feedback from customers after BFCM or any similar event is an excellent way to gather insights and refine your strategy. With REVIEWS.io, you have the tools you need to make that feedback highly targeted, and the ability to extract meaningful insights from it at speed. 

That means you can make data-driven improvements for future campaigns. 

For added convenience, the additional questions you add to review requests can be easily toggled on and off - so you can collect the same attributes with ease for every campaign.

It’s a proactive approach that ultimately leads to more insightful and actionable insights, allowing you to run smarter seasonal campaigns that smash customer expectations. Unlock the benefits of REVIEWS.io with a free 14-day trial.

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