Our floating widget was a popular tool in its original format - but its updated version is a publishing powerhouse by comparison. A free rollout for all REVIEWS.io customers, it comes packed with new features and functionality.
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Like all our publishing tools, the original floating widget was designed to help you build trust with consumers and drive conversion rates as a result. It let you display genuine customer reviews with ease, took up minimal space on product pages, and drove high level engagement thanks to its simple use design. It was good, but there was room for improvement.

We went back to the drawing board, and rebuilt it from the ground up to incorporate our growing list of innovative features. 

What’s New With The Floating Widget?

Here’s a look at some of the key updates of the new and improved floating widget:

  • It supports both company and product reviews
  • It drives greater engagement with publication functionality for image and video review content
  • It’s fully mobile responsive
  • You can choose from numerous layout and design options

On top of that, there’s  three things in particular we’re really excited to introduce.

Complete Reputation Management

You can now use the floating widget to publish reviews collected through third party platforms. Trustpilot, Facebook, Amazon, Google Local - whatever platforms you’ve connected to your REVIEWS.io account can now be synced, and users can scroll through review data from each at the top of the widget.

It’s your reputation from across the web, gathered and displayed through a single publishing tool. 

Review Attributes

The floating widget now allows you to display customer and product attributes, giving shoppers more of the details they need to make informed purchase decisions, right at the point they’re ready to make them. 

They can see how previous customers have rated things like product quality and fit, as well as seeing details on those customers, like their height and body type. It’s the kind of detail rich content that’s been missing in eCommerce till now. 

Review Translation

The floating widget is fully compatible with our new Weglot integration. This means that all reviews can be automatically translated according to the country from which a customer accesses your site. 

It’s a real game changer for brands that sell in international markets, since consumers can now read trusted content in their language of choice - improving the user experience and driving sales. 

We’ve introduced all of this without compromising on the user-friendly design or simplicity of integration. In fact, we’ve improved on those too. 

More customisable

The new floating widget is highly customisable and comes with four default themes - light, dark, minimal and vibrant. You can change the look of your widget with the editor or custom CSS. 

The launcher button can also be customised to display whatever content you choose - the REVIEWS.io logo, number of reviews, average star ratings - it’s entirely up to you. Once you’re set on a design, display the floating widget on the side or bottom of your site pages. 

If you’re already a REVIEWS.io customer just head to your dashboard to start building your customised design. And if you need any help at all implementing the new floating widget, our team’s on hand to help.

If you’re not yet using a review solution, or are thinking about switching from another provider, we’re here to help with that too. Use our live chat feature to talk to a customer support rep today. 

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