User generated content is a trusted source of information highly valued by the consumer. But without a high profile global presence, it can be pretty hard to obtain, right? Not true. Thanks to video reviews, every brand now has the opportunity to collect truly authentic UGC with real sales power.
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Video reviews are a very simple yet highly effective marketing technique. They’re personal, they’re to the point, and they allow you to share the positive impact your brand has when it becomes part of daily life.

So when sourcing user generated content, don’t limit yourself to written reviews. Video has far more clout when it comes to building your brand.

The Impact of Video Reviews for Brands

UGC is valuable in all its guises – blog posts, images, social media mentions, and of course, reviews. But it’s not always easy to come by. How do you get your customers talking about your brand?

Actively encouraging feedback is a common approach but even that has certain barriers. It’s not always convenient for a customer to write a review. It takes time and effort and for many of us it feels like a bit of a chore.

But videos? We love making those. If you need proof just look at the phenomenal rise of TikTok.

Instead of detracting from our enjoyment of a product, creating a video review adds to it. It allows us to capture reactions, emotions and experiences in a popular medium that’s easy to share. So we’re far more inclined to do it.

Brands capitalising on this are seeing fantastic results, with unique content that markets their products from the most persuasive viewpoint – the customer experience.

And since over 53% of consumers say they want brands to produce more video content, it makes total sense to build engagement through UGC in the form of video reviews.

Using UGC As Social Proof

As a highly influential form of UGC, video reviews are a great source of social proof, drawing your target market in and turning them into purchase ready consumers.

  • Create Brand Desire

Text reviews are great for showcasing customer satisfaction. Video content does this too, but it also shows engagement with the product – reactions and feelings that can’t be expressed by words alone. It’s also incredibly easy to share across platforms like Instagram and is known to drive engagement.

Ultimately, you’ll get more people watching and relating to the experience they see, creating an increased desire for what your brand has to offer.

  • Boost Trust And Loyalty

Video review content visually reinforces that you’ve delivered on your promise. There’s no doubting customer satisfaction when you’re seeing it with your own eyes, and potential buyers are far more likely to convert if they have solid proof that they can trust you.

It also fosters a deeper connection with your brand. By leaving a video review, customers are contributing to your story, and when you form that kind of relationship, you’re increasing the likelihood of repeat custom.

  • Build A Content Library

To increase brand engagement you need a regular stream of authentic content, and the more video reviews you collect, the more UGC you have to share.

UGC In Action: Waterdrop

Using a brand new video first campaign Waterdrop have been receiving very informative video content which has given them greater understanding of their customers and how they use their product in their day to day life.


When it comes to marketing your brand, products and customer service, UGC is the best form of content, video is the best form of UGC, and since they’re quick, easy and fun to make, video reviews are the best way to start rounding up this valuable material.

So, if you’re collecting reviews as a form of UGC, make sure you have an effective process in place, and that video uploads are an option. If they’re not, you’re missing a massive opportunity.

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