Email marketing is a powerful and cost efficient way of building your brand’s reputation. It allows you to personalise the consumer experience, ensure consistent communication, and gather valuable insights on customer satisfaction. In short, it’s a vital part of any solid marketing strategy.
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And the best thing about it? It’s accessible to everyone. No matter the size of your business or budget, you can profit from the level of engagement this technique affords.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  • It’s easy to get started - you can implement an email marketing campaign with relative ease. All you need to do is consider your objectives, build a flow to suit, and then automate distribution to your subscribers. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you can tailor each flow around a particular customer journey to encourage different actions. 
  • It’s a low cost channel - when you compare it to paid advertising across Google and social media, email marketing is an incredibly cost efficient solution. Platforms like Klaviyo provide multiple price plans to suit your business needs, and there’s no competing with brands that have deeper pockets than you.
  • It results in higher conversion rates - with email marketing, you have a captive audience. Those who’ve subscribed to your list did so to hear from you directly, so they’ve already got a vested interest in what you have to say. This yields greater return. Over 4% of marketing emails result in a purchase, compared to 2% of search engine traffic, and 1% of social media traffic.
  • It’s specific - perhaps the biggest benefit of email marketing is that it enables you to segment your customer base, so you can send the right messages to the right people, and at the right time. Using things like purchase history and review data, you can set clearly defined audiences and tailor your messaging accordingly, improving email delivery, whilst driving conversion, sales and brand awareness. 

How to Make Your Email Marketing Effective 

When designing any email marketing campaign, there’s three main areas you need to focus on: the audience, the content, and the timing. 


A generic approach to email marketing is not the way to go. You need to get to know your audience on a deeper level and use effective segmentation. Thankfully, data makes this pretty straightforward. 

You can segment your audience based on information collected from past reviews and purchase behaviour, and make sure the messages you send hit the mark on a personal level. 


This needs to be personalised, and it needs to be engaging. What consumers look for is authentic content that’s relatable, and proves brand credibility. UGC is your most powerful tool here.

Use automation to showcase your best reviews in email campaigns. Categorise these according to relevance, so the content that is automatically pulled through is aimed directly at the recipient.


Timing is everything with email marketing. Consider every stage of the purchase process - before, during and after - and ensure effective communication throughout. 

Keeping the customer updated on their order is crucial, from purchase acknowledgement, to dispatch and delivery. When reaching out for feedback, leave enough time for them to experience the product before sending your review request. 

Why Should Your Brand Use Email Marketing?

If you’re not connecting with your customers, you’re not encouraging satisfaction and loyalty. Email marketing is the easiest way to build relationships, leading to positive word of mouth, brand advocacy and repeat business. 

Not only that, it’s your key to improvement. When you communicate effectively, you encourage the same in return. Customers that have received clear, consistent and personalised messaging are more inclined to respond to your review request, providing valuable insight on your business from those that matter most, and allowing you to develop your products and services in line with consumer expectations. 

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