Online retail has evolved, and so have the challenges faced by ecommerce brands. Recent growth brings the need for streamlined operations, and a more demanding consumer market now expects a unified shopping experience. As a result, more businesses are seeking the benefits of an integrated ecommerce platform.
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Running separate platforms and applications is both time consuming and disjointed. Back-end jobs are complex when your systems don’t communicate, and for the customer, it can result in an inconsistent experience, damaging to your reputation.

By contrast, an integrated ecommerce platform brings greater efficiency, and greater opportunity to connect, build relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

1. Harness the Power of Data

Successful brands are driven by data, using it to make informed business decisions that result in growth. But there’s a lot of it to analyse. From financials and inventory to customer details and marketing metrics, valuable insights are everywhere. But if your ecommerce solutions aren’t in sync, neither is your data, and neither are your business decisions.

With an integrated platform comes integrated data - a unified view that enables you to work smarter. It increases productivity, ensures security and, with regularly updated and accurate information, allows you to make the right choices for your business.

2. Understand Your Target Market

With an integrated platform, and the powerful data that comes with it, you get a deeper understanding of how customers interact with your brand, their shopping habits and personal preferences. When you understand your audience to a greater degree, you can engage with them at key touch points in the buyer journey and create personalised customer experiences.

You can also use this insight to keep inventory in check, and explore product diversification in line with consumer demand.

3. Create Conversion Driving Marketing Campaigns

When all your platforms and applications communicate with each other, you have a powerhouse for effective marketing. Segment your audience based on customer data, give them content relevant to their buying habits, encourage retention through loyalty - the possibilities are endless with an integrated platform.

It's really great to hear that people are thinking beyond loyalty and discounts, that's a huge topic of conversation for us this year!

Fiona Stevens, Head of Marketing

You can keep content on brand across all your marketing channels, giving consumers the seamless experience they expect, and because you have access to integrated data, you can better assess the success of your efforts. On evaluating where the highest engagement lies, you can fine tune your approach to create highly profitable campaigns.

4. Focus on Content that Converts

Now you know what prompts consumers to take action, you can focus your attention on creating and publishing content that's proven to increase sales. If you know customers spend more when visual reviews are present, you can make the collection of user generated content central to your strategy.

And of course, with an integrated system, that’s easier to accomplish. Brands like VAAY use product reviews to educate their customers, with loyalty schemes that reward those that leave a review for their time. It’s their integrated tech stack that allows them to do this so successfully, with all systems working as one for maximum efficacy.  

How Integration Will Drive Growth for Your Brand?

An integrated ecommerce platform is essential for brands looking to scale effectively. Automated tasks across your entire operation maximise productivity and lower costs, whilst integrated data allows you to make well informed, profitable business decisions.

And with the back-end running smoothly, you can turn your attention to creating that all important customer experience, using the combined power of your tech stack to drive engagement, create meaningful customer relationships and, ultimately, boost revenue.

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