Product reviews have become incredibly important in today's digital space. Consumers have a wealth of information on any topic they choose on the internet. At the click of a button they can find out everything they need to know about your products. While product specifications and price are of course important (no consumer will be convinced to buy a television that is too large for their home), it is the presence of other people's opinions which is the most influential factor in deciding to purchase. Asking your customers for reviews about your products shows a number of great benefits, not limited to:-
  • High quality user generated content
  • Improved on-page conversion
  • SEO benefits
  • Increased visibility in Google PPC
  • Improved social visibility
  • Product reviews build trust

Product Reviews Build Trust

This last point is important, because consumer trust in your business and in your products is paramount. 83.2% of consumers state that the presence of reviews is the single most influential factor when deciding whether to purchase (Source: customer research) The fact is, while product specifications and price show the bare details of a product, there is nothing more compelling than reading a glowing review written by your peers. Reviews contain far more information about a product than a manufacturer or producer can supply. Reviews create an emotional connection between a user and their purchase. Take these examples from Appleyard Flowers, a flower delivery company based in London and one of our clients:- Just read through the comments here. Appleyard sell flowers online. If you were a prospective consumer, what would your main thoughts be about using such a service? You'd want to make sure the flowers were of great quality, you'd want to make sure they arrived when you asked them to, and you'd want to make sure the recipient liked them. These reviews answer all these points. The power of reviews is that no matter what you say on your website and in your marketing materials about your product, people will still trust the opinion of their peers more than you.

Collecting and Displaying Product Reviews

By collecting and displaying reviews about your products on your website, you remove that barrier and encourage people to purchase. By giving people the power to openly discuss and rate your products and services, you are also showing confidence in your products and your service. The platform allows easy collection of both company and product reviews. It integrates with all the popular eCommerce platforms, and also allows users of other platforms to collect reviews automatically via email. You can display product reviews on each individual product page by choosing one of our varied designer widgets or by accessing our API. Appleyard Flowers Product reviews

Customer Feedback

Product Reviews are a fantastic opportunity to get feedback from your customers. While you'd like the vast majority of your customers to be happy, there will of course be occasions where their expectations of your product are not met. Giving your customers an opportunity to air their views is very important. You have the ability to respond to every review, whether it be about a single product or your company as a whole. How you deal with issues is just as important as getting glowing reviews, and consumers will be interested to read your plans for product or service improvement. If you establish a dialogue with your customers you will be seen as an approachable, friendly and trustworthy brand.

Product Reviews give you increased visibility

If you sell your product catalogue through Google Shopping (and if you aren't, you really should be), then you'll be able to have star ratings appear next to your products. uses a data matching algorithm to match up your product reviews with your Google Shopping Feed. Google themselves suggest that click-through-rates improve dramatically by the presence of star ratings in Google Shopping results. appleyard-google-shopping Those star ratings are very compelling for consumers.

Product Reviews boost sales

Showing reviews on your site will give you increased sales and revenue, this is a fact. We've put together a handy graphic showing some figures which we've collected from our client feedback giving the sorts of gains you can expect to see from collecting and displaying reviews on your site. Effect of product reviews on sales

Product Reviews Matter

In summary, there are so many benefits to collecting product reviews as part of your overall marketing mix. They impact in all areas of your business, from your CTR and PPC costs, through to customer acquisition and satisfaction. You can start collecting company reviews with with a free demo. Build trust with your customers and see increased sales.