Have a peek at 4 awesome product and combined invitation templates (plus a bonus fifth local review invite!) to get those creative juices flowing, and boost that review conversion.

1) Oliver Bonas: Products front and centre

Oliver Bonas offer a double whammy: The product purchased front and centre, and the offer for customers to win a gift card if they leave a review.

They keep their combined invitation simple, although they display their logo to remind customers who their purchase was with, they instantly draw their customers eye to what they bought by having it boldly displayed.

The invite also highlights not once, but twice, that customers are in with a chance to win money to spend with Oliver Bonas if they leave a review.

Their combined invitation encourages customers to share their thoughts, and helps drive customers back to their site.

2) Jules B: Branded buyer journeys

Jules B keep their customer community in mind and proudly display their branding along with their invite. This reminds shoppers Jules B themselves are keen to learn more about that shopping experience, which keeps the customer's buying journey congruent, from purchase to post-purchase invite.

Jules B also take their review reward one step further, letting customers know that not only are they grateful for customer reviews, but those who include a personal photo of their product have the opportunity to win spending money within their store!

With their combined invite, Jules B get reviews, get consumer generated photos to strengthen their brand community, reward their customers and ultimately drive sales further!

3) Whistlefish: Customers at the core

Whistlefish make sure their customers know that it's their voice and opinions that they value, and are looking to work forward from any feedback left.

This gives shoppers faith that Whistlefish endeavour to do better, and that any experience in the future has the potential to be optimised from their advice.

Whistlefish customers know that from this product invitation, their review will help inform future custom, as well as provide the company any grounding to do better.

4) Auto Finesse: Eye-catching offers

Auto Finesse put eye candy right within their invitation. If customers leave a review, they're in with the chance of winning a highly desirable product selection, which is unmissable as soon as the invitation is opened.

Even if those items aren't on that individuals wish list, everybody likes to win, and Auto Finesse has highlighted the sale value nice and clearly. This also gives them a chance to get more of their products out there, to then ask for reviews!

Although it's always advisable to keep your invitation focused on the customers purchase rather than up-selling, Auto Finesse clearly display the purchase within the email, drawing their shoppers attention back to their experience. With a straight forward call to action with the products name, shoppes are in no doubt about what they're reviewing, and how they could benefit!


Power Tool World: Local reviews

Power Tool World make sure that their review scores are consistent wherever their shoppers look, by actively encouraging and directing their customers to leave reviews on local review sites.

The image they use also makes it clear that whatever their customers' experience - negative through to positive - those thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

This sentiment is reiterated within the body of their email when they state they're not perfect, therefore they understand some experiences may not live up to their normally high standards. This humanisation can soften any negative feedback they do receive, and also demonstrates they'll do what they can to do better in the future.

Finally, Power Tool World make sure their customers know exactly where they'll be leaving their review by using that review site's logo, along with their name in the body of the email. As with the other review invitations, Power Tool World thank their customers for their time by offering them the chance to win some spending money, and create repeat purchasers!

Blog summary

When making or optimising your own product or combined review invitation emails, remember to:

  • Keep your product front and centre
  • Make your invite brand-relevant for consistent buyer journeys
  • Put your customer's experience at the core
  • Add an eye-catching offer, gift card, or prize draw

It's also important to keep your invites short and sweet, always address your customers by name, and if possible sign off personally to make your invites a one-to-one experience and see your review conversion rocket!

With Reviews.io you can fully-customise your invitations using either our simple creator, or go a little further and use the HTML option, and create effective and beautiful invites like Oliver Bonas, Jules B, Whistlefish, Auto Finesse, and Power Tool World.

For more review advice or help, check out our other blog posts. Or if you'd like to find out more about the solution, head to our homepage or call a member of the team today!

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