How to remove reviews from Google for your business

Lots of people are searching for ways to remove reviews from their Google business pages. We’re here to let you know what can and can’t be done about getting reviews on Google that you’d rather have removed, removed.


To answer the question “how can I remove a review from Google”, you first need to find out where the review is located on the web. If the review is shown in Google Shopping results, or on a Google Adwords advert, then it will likely have been collected and verified by a licensed third-party review platform.

Google collects reviews from around the web and licensed third party review providers, and aggregates them in the form of a review score. Reviews can be for a company or a product, and they can contribute to the star ratings found in Adwords and organic search results (so long as the company in question has collected 150 reviews in the preceding 12 months).

However, the reviews that Google sources for these aggregated scores from third-party review partners are all verified reviews. Verified reviews are, simply, permanent reviews that cannot be deleted from Google’s system. If a customer has received poor service from you, and has proof-of-purchase, then their review will stand and Google will use it in their aggregated score.

Therefore, it’s not possible to have these type of reviews removed.

Reviews in Google Video Series

For more information on reviews, where you can find them, and how to can collect them, watch our five part YouTube video series about reviews in Google”.

Google My Business Page

Reviews on the My Business page (which are shown in Google Local results and are entirely separate to those collected by independent third parties) do not necessarily need to be verified by Google before they are published. Google Local is an open platform and its very nature means that the only requirement for a user to write a review on a business is owning a Gmail address.

This, understandably, can cause some concern for businesses. It’s possible, and in truth it happens, that disgruntled customers will write a review on your Google Local page. It’s even possible that non-customers will write an unverified review.

Google does provide instructions for business owners to fix or flag reviews written on their My Business page. You can log into your GMB account and flag a review to Google, who may or may not moderate or remove it.

How to Remove Reviews From Google

They specifically state that you can only flag reviews if they violate Google’s review policy.

That’s all well and good, but what do you do if someone just leaves a 1 star rating with no comments? By definition, this review does not violate Google’s policy, as there is no review content (in the form of a comment). Unfortunately, Google does not require a comment to be written for any reviews put on a Google My Business page.

So what can be done to remove reviews from Google?

The short answer is, not much unfortunately. You can flag reviews to Google but they may not take action on them. This leaves businesses in a bit of a predicament, so what is the best solution?

The answer is simply to actively collect more reviews from your customers.

Did you know that a large percentage of your happy customers will actually leave you a review if you just ask them? People are busy and unless prompted to do so won’t generally take time out of their day to review a company (unless they’re annoyed – we all know that people with a bad experience are more likely to tell their friends without prompting than those with a positive experience).

However, if your happy customers are just asked to write a review, they will.

So the solution to your “bad reviews on Google Local” problem is quite simply to collect more verified reviews. Overall, your review score will be greatly increased, and this is the score that is rather prominent in Google Local results (as you can see in the below SERP for the term “restaurants near me”).

How to Remove Reviews From Google Local Search Results

Issues with collecting reviews on Google Local

As I mentioned above, to write a review on Google Local, your customer must have a Gmail account. Without one of those, they won’t be able to. So you can’t ask everyone to write you a review on Google Local because not everyone will be able to. And you certainly don’t want to be managing the process yourself because filtering out .csvs of customer data will get pretty old pretty quickly.

You need a solution that automatically filters out review requests to your customers and only sends Google Local review requests to those with Gmail accounts. You also don’t want to only send review requests to Google Local because you’ll also want reviews written which you can publish on your own website, send to Google to get Seller Ratings, and also collect on third party platforms like Facebook, Google Local, Tripadvisor and Amazon.

How to Remove Reviews From Google -

LocalReview Collection is able to offer you (in addition to collecting reviews to display on your website and across Google) the functionality to request reviews from your customers on a wide range of sites. The process works automatically and all you need to do is assign a percentage of your review invitations to local platforms. We take care of the rest.

This means that not only will you get a great review score in Google (meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of Stars and Seller Ratings in your paid and organic search results), but you can also further enhance your review score across sites like Facebook, Google Local, Tripadvisor and Amazon.

Further Reading

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How to Remove Reviews From Google

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