Today’s savvy consumers almost expect to receive a review request once they have completed a purchase or used a service. Follow these quick tips when creating your review collection email to get the highest possible conversion.

In today’s post, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best review collection examples I could find. By the time you finish this post, you should have several actionable ideas you can apply to your own review collection email.

1. Keep it simple & ask

A simple 1 paragraph email with a clear call to action always works well. Remember most people will be reading this email on their mobile phone. Our advice is to keep text to a minimum, there is a clear correlation between the number of paragraphs and a reduction in conversion.

2. Reinforce your brand

Drop your logo into the header of the review collection email, this helps reinforce your brand and helps bring your brand back to the front of the mind. Biscuiteers did a fantastic job of customising their collection email, making it fun and friendly. This email converts at over 18% which is well above the industry standard of 3%.

3. Start The Collection Process Early

We have found that for some companies it is best to start the review process from the email. We do this by adding the rating scale within the email. This method is not recommended for all companies though as we have noticed that adding a rating scale can actually reduce conversion in some cases.

4. Offer a Reward

Rewards have a 2 fold benefit, they help increase the number of reviews left and help drive customers back to the site once a review has been completed. The solution allows you to add voucher codes and discounts that are only shown once a review has been completed. Remember if you are giving a reward you have to give it to everyone no matter what type of review they leave.

5. Be Personal

Customers respond better to review collection emails that have a personal touch. Always mention the receiver of the email by name i.e MR Daniels. One nice touch that we find increases conversion is including a signature and personal message from someone high up within the company like the MD or Customer Service Director.

Our team of Review Collection Experts are happy to advise you on how to improve your customised emails, just reach out on Live Chat or give us a call today.

Bonus Video

Customers ask if you can use your own email software to send your review inviations as well as ours, and the answer is yes. Here's a quick explainer video:-

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