Quenching the thirst of iced coffee lovers since 2010, Jimmy’s is a brand you’ll find on the shelves of most major supermarkets. It’s also a brand with a strong eCommerce presence - a side of the business that’s experienced significant growth since it teamed up with REVIEWS.io, as eCommerce Manager Dan Holman explains in our latest case study.
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The Challenge 

Like a lot of brands, Jimmy's has a very simple but very compelling reason for collecting reviews - trust. It's all about showing prospective customers that they'll get great tasting, quality iced coffee, and all the assurances they expect from a reputable online store - like convenient delivery, responsive communication, and great customer service.

It’s also about the team learning from customer feedback, and using that knowledge to improve services (with SEO benefits thrown in for good measure). 

But - again, like a lot of brands - the challenge it faced was finding a provider that could facilitate this without charging the earth. One that was less of a costly frustration, and more of a supporting partner in the brand's growth.

The Solution

Having worked in eCommerce for around 10 years, Dan had a lot of experience with different review providers, including seven years of working alongside REVIEWS.io.

It was his opinion that we would be a much better fit for Jimmy’s than its current provider, based on multiple factors - cost and transparency of pricing, advanced features and functionality, and our seamless integration with the brand’s chosen eCommerce platform, Shopify.

“When I joined Jimmy’s we were in contract with another provider. After reviewing the stack we had I was keen to get us out of that contract and move over to REVIEWS.io based on my thoughts on which review provider would be the best for Jimmy’s.”

The Strategy

Frustratingly for Dan, bad timing got in the way of a quick switch. The brand’s renewal with its then provider, Trustpilot, was being processed around the same time he joined the team, and with so much going on he didn’t manage to break ties in time.

Because of a restrictive contract, that meant Jimmy’s was stuck with a solution that didn’t suit its needs for another 12 months.

“We were finding the programme lacking features which we knew could be beneficial and found it a struggle to get a clear cost price from our current provider. With REVIEWS.io, we found the pricing model to be much more transparent.”

So when the renewal came around again, Dan was quick to end the contract and make the switch.

Of course these things always carry an element of doubt, and for Jimmy’s that doubt was around the migration process. Understandably, the team didn’t want to lose the reputation they had spent so much money building with Trustpilot.

This is a concern for a lot of brands, particularly when it comes to Trustpilot, as they have certain rights over content - i.e. Trustpilot owns your reviews. That’s why we've built a robust import process that goes straight to the source to request permission rights, cutting Trustpilot out of the contract. 

“Your team has been brilliant in explaining and helping us with the migration process - it was very painless. We started out on day one with hundreds of reviews on REVIEWS.io, all because of your really useful migration tools.” 

The Benefits of Switching: Cost Savings, Customization and Conversions

So, having made the decision to switch, was it the right choice for Dan and the rest of the Jimmy’s team? In short, yes. 

First up, they’ve seen a big difference in terms of value for money thanks to the features that come as standard with all our price plans. These are all designed to help our customers do more with the review content they collect. 

One of Dan’s favorite features here is the Review Nuggets widget. This lets you publish the most important, most persuasive parts of review content as snippets, which you can place right next to the buy now button. It’s a highly effective tool that has a positive impact on conversion rates.

Another free to all feature that’s working for Jimmy’s is Reply with AI. This is designed to streamline the process of responding to reviews by offering AI generated responses that you can adapt to suit your purpose. It’s not meant to replace the human touch but to provide inspiration, which is exactly how the brand uses it.     

“We like to reply to comments individually rather than just sending a generic response, so it's really helpful just to give a little bit of inspiration there. It’s definitely time-saving”

In Dan’s own words, they’ve gained a lot of features by switching over because they’ve unlocked a full service, rather than the ‘chunks and modules’ they had with the previous provider. It’s not just features they’ve gained either - it’s more control through customization.

The brand uses several of our lightning fast widgets across its store, all of which have been customized to suit its identity. Our team also worked one on one with Jimmy’s to create a fully branded email template for review requests. This has since resulted in an impressive conversion rate - 5.62% to be exact, which sits nicely above the average review request conversion of 2-5%.

“It’s an ongoing trend that it’s harder and harder to get feedback because there’s feedback requests coming from all over the place. So having an on brand experience is really important in just differentiating that email so it doesn't look like all of the other ones.” 

As well as cost savings, customization and conversion rates, Dan finds another major benefit in the level of customer service. This is feedback we love to hear because it's something we pride ourselves on. 

We’re not the biggest review provider out there, and that’s OK with us. We’d much rather be known for our friendly, supportive service than for our market share.

“When you’re speaking with the REVIEWS.io team, it feels like you guys are interested in our success on the platform.” 

As Dan sums up, they’ve seen increased traffic and increased sales since the switch, and they see REVIEWS.io as a partner contributing to that success.

If you haven’t tried Jimmy’s products yet, we highly recommend you do - check out the full range at Jimmy’s iced coffee (there’s also a handy subscription service for iced coffee on tap!). 

And if you haven’t tried REVIEWS.io yet, we highly recommend you do that too. You can try for free with a 14-day free trial! We’re so confident you’ll find value in our product that we offer rolling monthly contracts with no ties and no commitment. Just innovative features, transparent pricing and friendly customer support.

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