If you’re looking to build on online reputation that makes you a go to brand, you need to use the customer voice. In a consumer landscape where trust, engagement and transparency are key, reviews aren’t just a nice to have. They’re a necessity. And to get them, you’ll need a review collection partner.
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We might all appear the same on the surface, but different platforms offer different things. Whilst we all allow you to collect customer reviews in one way or another, the best solutions offer a range of features that help you create brand authenticity, and a reputation that sets you apart from the crowd.

So what can REVIEWS.io do for you?

What Are The Key Points REVIEWS.io Have To Offer?

The first thing you need to know about us is that we’re one of just a handful of Google Licensed review platforms.That means reviews collected through our service are recognised by the search engine. They contribute to Seller Ratings, and earn you Stars in organic and paid search results.

This is complemented by what we consider the bare minimum for a service provider like us:

  • Automated collection for both company and product reviews
  • Customisable email requests and SMS invites
  • Review response tools, both public and private
  • Publication to third party sites including Facebook, Amazon and Trustpilot
  • A range of widgets for effective on-site publication
  • Seamless integration with all major eCommerce, CRM and social platforms, loyalty programmes and digital marketing solutions

But we also like to push the boundaries way beyond standard review collection, and we’re constantly developing new features that allow brands to do more. Here’s some of the innovations we’re really proud of:

  • Video Review Collection - all our review requests allow users to upload their feedback in video form.This kind of review content is proving invaluable. Brands are getting a glimpse into customers' lives and how their products fit into them. They’re also generating influential UGC to use within their marketing campaigns.
  • Social Proof Custom Editor - this allows you to turn authentic reviews into branded social content. It’s essentially a mini editing suite that gives you greater control, combining customer feedback with your existing brand identity.
  • Influencer Discovery - if you’re looking for a tool that connects you with your biggest brand advocates this is it. See who your most influential customers are, collaborate with them, request image rights to collect authentic UGC, and tag products in photos for use in shoppable Instagram widgets. It’s a feature that helps you understand your market on a deeper level and reach a much wider audience.

How Do Review Platforms Differ From Each Other?

Do a side by side comparison of REVIEWS.io vs. Trustpilot and you’ll see how much two brands in the same space can differ. We’re not saying we’re the right solution for you - that all depends on the needs of your business - but we are pretty proud of what sets us apart.

First and foremost are the features we offer - those we’ve mentioned and those we’re busy developing. Most of these come out of conversations with our customers. It’s all about what they want to achieve and how we can help them achieve it, and it’s why we have more developers than sales reps.

Our goal is to make sure all our customers have the knowledge and tools to make REVIEWS.io work for their business.

We also have a lot of faith in what we offer, so we don’t tie people down with lengthy contracts. We work on rolling 30 days, so if it turns out we’re not the right fit, you can leave hassle free.

How Brands Have Grown With Reviews

For an insight into what REVIEWS.io can do for you, here’s a glimpse at some of our current customers success stories:


This is a great example of how to put Influencer Discovery to good use.This boxing lifestyle brand has built a community of brand ambassadors, with some of the sports biggest names promoting its products, including a current UFC champion. It’s grown at an impressive rate, and in just three years has built a global presence to rival its most well known competitors.


Boomf went from novelty cards to shock value cards by using our video review feature to its full effect. Its shock value cards are experience-led, and by encouraging customers to capture that experience on camera, the brand has built a library of engaging UGC that sells its products in a way no other form of content could match.


A business formed in the midset of the UK’s first lockdown, these guys started focusing heavily on collecting company reviews from day one. With a conversion rate of around 14%, they quickly established a reputation that would typically take years to build, and as a company, has managed to challenge some of the major players like Halfords.

Ensure Your Review Provider Gets The Basics Right

Every review platform needs to offer the basics - tools for collection, publication and management. But we’re not all the same. On our part, we’re always looking for innovative solutions that help brands use customer feedback to drive business growth.

If you’re looking for a review solution and want to know more about what we offer, contact our support team via live chat or visit our business solutions page for more information.

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