Stampit is a family run eCommerce business that sells custom rubber stamps to customers both big and small. Starting in 2016, Stampit has quickly grown and is now trusted by major brands who have been won over by the precision, reliability and quality products on offer.
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The Challenge

Stampit came to reviews in February 2019, looking to upgrade from their previous review partner.

Although they had been collecting customer feedback since they opened for business in 2016, they weren't too happy with the collection rate they were achieving.

"We started using another company at first, but we were not happy with the amount of feedback we were getting in proportion to sales. We knew we were selling a high-quality product and we also knew customers loved our stamps, but we had no real way to obtain that feedback from them.”

As a growing company, it was really important for the team at Stampit to get feedback about their performance and products. They knew this would help them to identify pain points so they could respond, improve and move the company in the right direction.

Stampit wanted to be able to collect and more, high-quality reviews that would showcase the satisfaction of their many happy customers, whilst also getting valuable insights into their business. But how?

The Solution

Stampit already had a fair amount of reviews which they'd collected with their previous review partner, so this is the initial thing took care of. We seamlessly migrated all of the feedback they had collected over to our platform so that nothing was lost. Their Google feed remained intact, and every single piece of customer feedback they’d collected since 2016 was available for them to use in their Dashboard.

Stampit used their existing and new reviews to populate the Carousel Inline Widget and Text Banner Widget. In this way, they were able to proudly display their overall star rating and customer comments on their site to build confidence and trust. Stampit also chose to display reviews on individual product pages to provide customers with even more information at multiple touchpoints.

To collect more reviews and bolster their online reputation, Stampit sent out review invitations using our customisable email template. Adding a logo, banner and brand colours meant the invitation was instantly recognisable as their own, providing a fluid customer journey.

From the reviews collected, Stampit used’s Reputation Management tools, to send 20% of the reviews to Google Local, further solidifying their online reputation across the web.



Stampit has now collected a total of 2,055 reviews with an average star rating of 4.9.

Their company review collection rate has soared to 10.06% and customers frequently say that Stampit’s reviews are a leading factor in their decision to shop with them.

“We get regular feedback via email and live chat saying that people have chosen us thanks to our reviews. We feel that having our reviews proudly on display at the top and bottom of our website has had a large impact in helping customers make an informed decision before buying from us.”

But Stampit’s reviews have not just boosted conversion - they’ve provided valuable insight into its business performance. Review analysis has enabled Stampit to identify opportunities for improvement and prowess, which they have adapted and evolved in order to achieve.

One of the most popular things that was mentioned in reviews was how eco-friendly we are. So we made even bigger improvements by using only reclaimed wood and also donating 5% of our vintage oak stamps to We also purchased a second engraver as nearly all of our 4 and 5-star feedback stated that getting their stamp fast was very important. Our reviews have hugely helped us to give customers what they want and expect.

Final Words have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stampit thus far, and we look forward to seeing their continued success over the coming years.

Stay tuned for our next Case Study which will look at the success of GRIP6, a US manufacturer of innovative high quality belts & accessories

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