Ecommerce holds no geographical restrictions. You can sell your products to anyone, anywhere in the world - and with our latest integration, you can build trust with a global audience through review content displayed in their native language.

It’s a feature that’s been frequently requested - the ability to automatically translate UGC depending on the reader’s location. We listened, and as always, we delivered. 

It’s not just eCommerce that stands to benefit either. Our newest integration is a game changer for anyone with an international customer base - restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions - translation is key to building trust across multiple sectors. 

What is Weglot?

Weglot is an automated translation tool, and we think it’s a pretty nifty solution. Without any coding whatsoever, you can translate your website in a matter of minutes - not just the content of the pages themselves, but anything that comes by way of a third-party app or plugin - including widgets. 

We’ve created a seamless integration with Weglot so now, when a customer visits your store, they can view fully translated UGC. It’s available with our product review widget, carousel widgets, and Instagram shoppable gallery. 

What Makes Weglot Our Translation Tool of Choice?

We take pride in making the best solutions available to our clients, and we’re confident in the benefits Weglot brings (we actually use it ourselves). We know it’ll help the brands we support connect with a global audience and improve their communication which is critical for their brands success, as our DACH Region manager Shane highlights:

Our integration with Weglot will really help our clients to make their review collection process much more effective on an international scale. Being able to share reviews from one market to another will help a brand's customers make even better buying decisions in the markets.

Shane Forster - Country Manager DACH,

Here’s a quick rundown of what those benefits are:

Code free - there’s no need to invest in developer time to install or run the translation software. All you need is a Weglot subscription, and you can add it to your site in quick time. 

Ecommerce friendly - it works with all the major platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento, as well as custom built sites.

One single store - no more managing multiple sites for different locations. Customers are automatically redirected to a language specific version of your site that matches their browser language. 

Increased efficiency - the process is super quick, and any new content added is automatically picked up and translated, including media files, dynamic content, and content from third-party apps.

SEO benefits - Weglot follows best practice for multilingual SEO, so you’ll benefit from increased visibility on an international scale. It won’t affect your site's loading speed, nor will it result in duplicate content. And as Weglot’s Content Manager Elizabeth Pokorny explains, translation of all your site’s content is critical here: 

It's important to ensure that 100% of your site is translated into your new languages and not to have two languages displayed on the same page (this can lead to search engine penalties), so it's for this reason as well that translated reviews become necessary as they can have a direct impact on your multilingual SEO.

Elizabeth Pokorny - Content Manager, Weglot

Of course, it’s always useful to have a level of control, and that comes with Weglot too. You can make manual changes with its post-editing tools, and can even set predefined terms within its glossary feature - like a product name for example - that you do not wish to be translated. 

How Using Translated Review Widgets Leads to Greater Trust

Multilingual Reviews Help The Customer Connect With Content

Authentic customer reviews are essential for building trust, and when is content most authentic? When it’s presented in your native language. Consumers are far more likely to engage with, and trust in, reviews they feel a natural affinity with - and a language connection plays a huge role here. It’s all about removing barriers to create a personalised experience for everyone, as Elizabeth says:

Not only does including reviews on your translated site build trust with your new customers, but it also gives the same site experience (personalisation) to your international customers, allowing them to make the same informed decisions as customers from your original market.

Translation Allows For Greater Depth

It doesn’t matter how many we speak, the language we use on a daily basis is always the one we’re most comfortable with. By allowing customers to post a review in their preferred language, you’re likely to find they go into greater depth, resulting in detail rich content that’s more beneficial to the reader. 

It Helps You Better Understand Your Business

Translation isn’t just beneficial to the consumer - it also helps you grow as a business. With the Weglot integration, you can now easily see exactly what a customer thinks of your products and service, regardless of the language they used to write their review. This gives you the insight you need to improve. After all, if you’re attempting to build trust with a new market, you need to understand that market - and translation helps you do just that. 

But the biggest benefit of translation is that it shows commitment to a customer focused service. With multilingual reviews, you improve the consumer experience, creating trusted, long-standing relationships that drive business growth. 

We’re really excited about this latest integration. We know it’ll help brands expand into new territories without the need for time consuming manual translation. And as more and more businesses embrace global eCommerce, we think multilingual reviews are the future. 

To benefit, you’ll need a plan and an active Weglot subscription. And if you want any guidance at all on how to make the most of the integration, our customer success teams are on hand to help.

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