It’s not easy to break new ground, and it can be even tougher to achieve growth in an emerging market. But Ocushield have managed to do both. We spoke to Marketing Manager, Chelsea, to find out what lies behind their successful strategy.
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Technology is a wonderful thing, but it can also be pretty detrimental to our health. Too much screen time can damage our eyes, accelerate aging through skin pigmentation, and impact our quality of sleep - which in itself has many health consequences. It’s these problems Ocushield are looking to solve, with a new wave of wellbeing products for the digital age. 

But as with anything new brought to market, the problem lies in building trust with the consumer. They needed a voice that spoke out on the benefits of their products, and they found it through By collecting and sharing authentic customer reviews, Ocushield continue to prove their products do everything they claim to.

The Anti Blue Light Issue

It all comes down to the blue light emitted from the things we use everyday - our phones, computers, laptops, TV’s - even LED light bulbs are a guilty party. And whilst most of us would own up to indulging in too much screen time, the vital role these devices play in our everyday lives means we can’t cut them out completely. Enter Ocushield:

“We want to help people lead a healthier life with technology, as blue light emitted from digital device screens is a hazard to our health.”

Ocushield offers the world's only medically rated blue light blocking products, from screen filters to blue light blocking eyewear. The brand was founded by Optometrist Dhruvin Patel who, as a student, entered a prototype of his product into a competition, securing £5,000 of funding to kick start the business. 

The brand has gained impressive traction since then, with approval from the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and a wealth of credibility to its name. 

A Growth Strategy Built on Social Proof

Social proof plays a key role in Ocushield’s success, and it’s gathered from every conceivable angle. 

First and foremost, there’s review collection. This has been a primary focus for the brand from the outset. The damaging effects of blue light are something many of us aren’t overly familiar with, so Ocushield needed an authentic way to educate the consumer on the benefits and efficacy of their products:

“Having reviews from is really helping to tell the story. People are saying that it’s helped them sleep better, that they haven’t had any headaches, or that their migraines have gone. What we’re trying to do is provide the benefit to the customer, and it’s really helping give the social proof we need.” 

That credibility is backed up by public support from a community of experts that all stand behind the Ocushield brand. This includes Optometrists, Psychologists, sleep specialists and skin experts, all of whose thoughts on the blue light issue and the need for greater protection can be found on the brands website.

Expert approval and customer reviews come together to provide all encompassing social proof, subsequently driving business growth:

“Combining both the experts and the customers gives a 360 view - here’s people that say it does work, and here’s people like you that have tried it.”

There’s a few more familiar faces that have got behind Ocushield too. A recent appearance on Dragon’s Den helped raise awareness on the issues surrounding blue light, as well as awareness for the brand themselves. And as Chelsea explains, with all of the Dragons seeing a need for such products, there’s even further proof that there’s value in its offering.

How Ocushield Connects With Their Audiences

Equally as important as social proof to the Ocushield growth strategy is a focus on brand communities. We say communities because there are several pockets of people that the brand markets too, each with their unique needs, concerns and lifestyles. For example, a coder that stares at a screen for a living sits in a separate community to the parent that’s concerned about their child's use of blue light emitting devices. 

Understanding and acting on this is so important that there’s a dedicated Community Manager. They’re responsible for review management, and exploring ways to build those brand communities, like working with influencers in each niche:

“Everyone uses a screen but they use it differently, and it’s really understanding what’s going to resonate with people.”

Moving forward, Ocushield has teamed up with more retail stores like Superdrug Opticians, Maplin and more.  They’ve  also established an international presence, starting with the US - with products for sale in Nordstrom, Best Buy, Verizon and more. They’re exploring new product development, looking to grow the ecosystem of anti blue light products. Ultimately, they aim to reach as many people as possible, educating them on the effects of blue light and providing affordable, protective solutions.  

Wellbeing and Sustainability

The primary focus of Ocushield is to improve people’s wellbeing through better quality sleep. We might not realise it, but sleep is so important to our health. It affects productivity, mood, and can help us fight against disease. 

There’s a lot of similarities found in our recent case study on VAAY, a CBD brand that also focuses on wellbeing though alternatives to traditional medicine. For both brands, getting the message across on the benefits of their products is vital:

“You think of stopping caffeine, but you don’t think of filtering blue light as another way to help you get a better night's sleep. That’s part of the reason why reviews help us - because it’s about educating people about how it all works. It’s not something as obvious as other products on the market.”

In talking to brands like Non Plastic Beach, we’ve really delved into the importance of sustainability lately, so we were keen to hear how Ocushield lives up to its responsibility. Most screen protectors can’t be recycled because of the glue, but Ocushield have managed to source an eco-friendly alternative. They've also swapped out foam for cardboard and changed their applicator trays to recyclable plastic. The only thing that stops their products from being 100% recyclable is the hook, but it’s something they’re looking into: 

“We want to help lead people to have a healthier life, but also have a healthier planet.”

We love it when a brand breaks new ground, and we’re excited to see where Ocushield’s journey takes them next. And if you’re reading this without a screen filter, why not check out what their customers (and the experts) have to say about their medically approved anti blue light product range. 

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