With its footwear often sported by notable Hollywood stars, vegan sneaker brand Løci isn’t short of a public fan base. But it’s relatable content from the everyday consumer that helps it build a trusted reputation and better connect with its core market - content it chooses to collect with the help of REVIEWS.io.
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The Challenge

At the time of writing, Løci is a brand in its infancy - just 22 months into its journey. Its mission is to create the ultimate conscious sneaker, keeping all its processes environmentally friendly and ethical. From manufacturing to sales, Løci is conscious of everything it does.

It’s an ethos that's managed to attract some pretty impressive customers, including the likes of Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck and Olivia Wilde.

Now, celebrity endorsement is one thing, but today’s consumers do their research.

In its early days Løci had also received a small number of unsolicited reviews on sites like Trustpilot - reviews that unfortunately came from disgruntled customers and as such carried negative sentiment, damaging its online reputation.

What Head of eCommerce, Ross Allsop, was quick to realize was that without proactive review collection the majority of feedback Løci was likely to see would be problematic. If it wanted to hear from its many happy customers, it needed to ask for their opinion. 

“We’d had a relatively poor experience with Trustpilot in terms of what customers were leaving reviews for. We never seemed to pick up anything positive because we weren’t asking customers for reviews, we were just expecting them to give them. And obviously the majority of people that were giving them were people who had problems.”

The Solution

Ross had worked with several review providers in the past - market leaders included - and had a less than favorable experience of high prices and poor customer service. In the case of Trustpilot in particular, he found it to not only be expensive for what it offered but also rigid as a product with a lack of customization. Also, being a victim of their notoriously difficult contract terms and not knowing how to cancel a Trustpilot contract.

Having been introduced to REVIEWS.io through his agency - and having spoken with a few of our team at various events - Ross found us to be the friendly, responsive partner he was looking for. He also saw the value in our product.

Since implementing REVIEWS.io Løci has amassed a wealth of positive reviews that give it the online reputation it deserves. 

“You just seemed like really easy people to work with - very happy to help out in the early days and make sure that we saw value in the product. You understand the balance between offering a good product and not charging the absolute earth for it.” 

The Strategy

So how does Løci make use of the REVIEWS.io product and the content it helps generate?

First up, it uses reviews to engage shoppers through relatable experiences. Whilst its Hollywood fans give it an air of celebrity, it's the everyday customers that help others understand what Løci products really offer and what the brand delivers in terms of customer service.

“It’s social proof. Real genuine content that our consumers can actually relate to. Whether it's UGC or a written review - that’s something you can't get through an A-List celebrity!”

These reviews also help Løci understand what its customers expect, and how it can improve what it offers to better meet their needs. For a brand as young as it is - and in the relatively new market of vegan sneakers - that’s an incredibly valuable asset.

The team also incorporates reviews into the wider Løci marketing strategy, supporting ad campaigns with authentic content. We’ve made this easy to do with our Social Proof Editor - a no-code editing suite that lets you turn your best review content into shareable assets.

It’s still early days for Løci, so it has no measurable results here as yet - but industry research suggests that campaigns that incorporate UGC results in 29% higher conversion rates than those that don’t.

“We utilize reviews in our Meta ads campaigns to drive social proof & improve CVR. REVIEWS.io makes it easier to create content of this nature.”

Finally (for now at least), Løci is using our innovative UGC feature to generate and collate visual content that really resonates with its audience and drives engagement.

This feature allows you to build a library of photo and video reviews, along with content pulled from Instagram and your own brand imagery. From this library, you can create shoppable UGC galleries to publish on-site and integrate into email campaigns with our Klaviyo integration. Our Elite Partnership with Klaviyo enhances the ability to demonstrate to merchants how to use Klaviyo to send email invites.

Currently in the process of a web rebuild, Løci plans to install our customizable widget as part of its new look, and we can’t wait to see the results. 

In short, Løci isn’t resting on its laurels simply because it has a level of celebrity endorsement. Instead, it’s leveraging the voice of the everyday consumer at multiple touchpoints to connect with its growing audience.

So, a few months into his partnership with REVIEWS.io, does Ross have any advice for brands not actively collecting reviews?

“It's a small investment for a good return, when you break down the metrics you quite quickly see impact.”

To see just how small that investment is, check out our rolling monthly price plans. We don’t believe in restrictive contracts, so if you don’t see the return you expect you’re free to leave at any time (and take all your review data with you when you go). We also offer a trial, giving you REVIEWS.io free of charge for 14 days.

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