Dock & Bay is the brand behind the original quick dry beach and travel towel. Constantly evolving to meet their customers' changing needs, they've become the go-to lifestyle store for intrepid travellers, beachgoers and fitness lovers alike.
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E-commerce is more than just products; it's about the story. Founded in 2015 by the globe-trotting duo Ben and Andy, their aim was to inspire a life full of daring and laughter. Their products, from towels to swim shorts, are compact, vibrant, and designed for those who pack light and live large.

But Dock & Bay is more than just style; it's substance. They're committed to responsible business practices, from swim shorts made of recycled bottles to biodegradable packaging. Their lively lifestyle and values have earned them rave reviews from customers worldwide.

Today, we delve into their journey and the impact of customer feedback on their rise from startup to thriving brand.

The Challenge

Dock & Bay had a hunch that their customers were thrilled with their products, but they wanted concrete proof. To ensure that their creations were as adored by their customers as they were by them, they set their sights on collecting valuable feedback.

But what if they were wrong? Dock & Bay understood that reviews weren't just about praise, they were the compass guiding them to solutions and improvements. As a startup, they knew that every penny counted, and finding a review platform with a sterling reputation was paramount.

Just like any online store, Dock & Bay recognised the importance of a seamless integration of a review platform into their operations. They needed a tool that could automatically gather reviews for their diverse range of products, a key element for their future growth.

The Solution

Dock & Bay takes customer reviews to the next level. They've gone the extra mile by gathering not only product reviews but also company and photo reviews, all thanks to their custom-designed review email requests.

With our In Email Forms, they've made leaving a review as easy as a breeze. No need to leave the email; it's all right there, tempting and convenient.

"Photos really add something to a review. They make them seem more real and legitimate and allow people to really get behind a good review!."

The photo reviews they've collected provide great marketing collateral. Allowing customers to share their personal experiences with Dock & Bay, be it on the beach, mountains or lake, bring the brand to life in ways traditional marketing would struggle to do.


But it doesn't stop there. Dock & Bay is all about listening to their customers. Through our timeline, they respond swiftly and constructively to feedback, ensuring customer satisfaction remains high. Plus, the feedback they've received has been a treasure trove of insights into their audience's desires and needs.


Dock & Bay now harness the strength of their 3,500+ collected reviews to elevate their online reputation, both on their website and throughout the vast realm of the internet.


Customer feedback remains an integral element in propelling their product success. It's not only about convincing potential customers to make a purchase but also about shaping their product offerings as they expand their range.

"We believe reviews are an influencing factor when customers are considering a purchase as having other real customers recommend a product drives consumer confidence. We think this is especially important for new customers, as well as [encouraging] existing customers to try new products."

Final Words

We're absolutely thrilled to be partnering with this iconic and modern brand. Their dedication to adapting to their customers' ever-changing demands has truly made waves in the online marketplace, and we're fully on board with their strategy.

Are you ready to explore the benefits of customer reviews for your own products and performance? Let us introduce you to a free trial of our platform.

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