Australian Rejuvenation Clinics is a doctor-led, non-invasive cosmetic clinic and a family-run business. They also have extremely happy customers. In fact, in post-service surveys, over 90% of customers gave the clinic a 5-star review.
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However, this positivity wasn’t being reflected by their online reviews. Quite simply, they didn’t have any. 

There were a few reasons for this. Most significantly, as the business provides cosmetic laser treatments and injectables, some clients preferred to remain anonymous when providing their feedback. As such, most online review platforms weren’t an option.

Also, other clients were happy to share, but were time-poor and simply didn’t have the time to complete them.

Looking for a solution to this problem, the team at Australian Rejuvenation Clinics turned to 

They initially used to send their client satisfaction surveys via email, but with a 15% increase in review conversion using SMS they quickly switched all invites via text message. 

“We had used SMS to send surveys in the past, but the system we used was a bit technical for our staff to manage, and didn’t provide a seamless experience for our clients. The SMS system, however, offers an easy and very convenient solution.

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Fast. Simple. Effective.

SMS is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to collect customer reviews. As long as you have a customer’s mobile number, you can potentially get their review too. In fact, SMS review is three times more effective than email and 80 times more than a paper-based request.

  • 90% of Australians say they read texts
  • SMS has an open rate of 98%
  • 95% of messages are opened within 3 minutes

In the beauty world, positive reviews are everything

“Reviews are extremely important in our industry. There are a lot of clinics that provide a similar service to us, but not all of them have the same high standards of safety and staff education.
“Before going ahead with a treatment, it’s essential that customers do their research and read verified reviews.”

With SMS, the business’ biggest fans can now share their reviews very quickly and easily, via a link sent to them in an SMS message. Every customer receives an SMS following an appointment. They are thanked for coming, and asked to provide a review. They also have the option of whether to share their name and photo or remain anonymous.

“ SMS has made it easy for our biggest fans to share their positive experiences.

 As soon as they had this system in place. They started receiving very positive reviews, and some of their clients were happy to share photos of their results as well. Making it far easier for our clients to leave reviews (and making it easier for their staff to request them), also encouraged more sharing and connecting in the platform. 

“We had one client who came in for a medical laser procedure for incontinence. She said the results were life-changing and she wanted to let others know about it, but due to the personal nature of the treatment, didn’t want to speak openly online as herself. We sent her an SMS and she left an anonymous, glowing review.

A 15% Increase in Reviews Using SMS

Since implementing SMS Review Collection, the Australian Rejuvenation Clinics have seen their reviews multiply by 15%.

As long as the customer is expecting to receive an SMS message they can have a huge impact on your success rate.

SMS invites are also a great way to collect image reviews since the whole process is simple for the customer to complete on one single device. If you’re looking to send review requests via SMS then it will increase image reviews that are a powerful way of bringing product pages that added trust value from your customers for potential buyers.

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