It’s always been a powerful medium, but since the explosive arrival of TikTok, the way video is created and consumed has changed dramatically. Instead of professional shoots and high value production, the content now most valuable to brands is authentic, short form video created by the consumer - content like video testimonials.
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We say video testimonials, but actually, video reviews is a more accurate description of what we’re referring to. When you think of a testimonial, you tend to think of a drawn out piece to camera, but that’s not the type of content consumers want to create or view these days.

Instead, what they’re producing mirrors how they use video elsewhere, like on social platforms and messaging apps. What you get with a video review is a snapshot of the product experience - a glimpse into someone’s life and how a brand can enhance it. And that makes them incredibly valuable. Here’s why.

Video Reviews Are What Consumers Want

First off, stats show that 9 out of 10 consumers want to see more video from brands. Combine this with the fact that 76% say they trust UGC more than product descriptions, and video reviews make perfect marketing sense. 

Our own data backs that up. We’ve seen an average increase in conversion rates of 20% for brands that publish video reviews.

They Spark and Emotional Response

Video gets more engagement than any other type of content, and it’s not just because of our shortened attention span. It’s because we connect with it on a deeper level. When we can physically see something we can relate to it, so when a customer watches a video review, it sparks an emotional reaction to the product.

They can imagine themselves having that same experience, which makes them more inclined to complete their purchase.

They’re Highly Insightful

A video review gives the user more scope to provide descriptive detail. Instead of explaining a product benefit in a lengthy paragraph, they can visually demonstrate it in seconds. This gives the viewer much deeper insight into what they’re about to buy and whether it’s right for them, helping them make better decisions and reducing return rates.

It also gives you as a brand rich data on how your products are being used. This level of understanding is so beneficial, and can be fed into your marketing and product development strategies

They Show Genuine Customer Advocacy

When you invite a customer to share a positive experience, you immediately create a visible brand advocate. Don’t get us wrong - written reviews are still incredibly important trust signals, but there is a level of anonymity about them.

With video, there’s a face, a voice, a personality, a lifestyle. All of this amplifies the message, and shows customer advocacy at its most persuasive.

They Make Great Marketing Content

It might have set the trend, but TikTok’s not the only place you need to be sharing video content these days. It’s pushed on every platform - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest - and it’s user generated video that sees the most engagement.

By collecting video reviews, you build a library of publish ready content that your audience will respond to.

How to Collect More Video Testimonials with

So now you know how valuable video reviews are, how do you get more of them?

Create a dedicated video collection campaign - we built our Video First feature for this very purpose. It enables you to send a request in the form of a video itself, which means:

  1. You’ll benefit from increased engagement with your invites
  2. You’ll create that emotional connection with the customer, and
  3. You’ll see an uptick in response rates

Follow up with your biggest fans - not every customer will be inclined to leave a video review, but a good bet is to target those that have already left positive feedback. Accelerate Review Collection with Flow Sequences to automatically request content from your 5* reviewers. 

Make it easy - again, this is exactly what Video First is for. When a customer clicks on your invite, they’re directed to a custom built video collection page, removing any friction from the process. You can also include a tips video so they know how to shoot top quality content. 

We should end by saying that video is not a replacement for the text review, but a compliment to it. A good strategy incorporates written, photo and video reviews - as well as other tools like customer and product attributes - to give the consumer the best experience possible. 

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