Our developers have been at it again and built another seamless integration for REVIEWS.io users - this time with text message marketing platform, Attentive. By pairing these two solutions, brands can generate more UGC and use review data to inform smarter SMS campaigns.
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When it comes to marketing, there’s a lot to be said for the humble text message. Compared to email - which sees an average open rate of 29% - SMS powers ahead with open rates in excess of 90%. From our own data, we know that review invites sent via email have around a 4.3% conversion versus the 18.2% of those sent by text. 

That’s not to say that email is defunct. Far from it. It remains the primary marketing tool for most brands, which is why we have powerful integrations with the likes of Klaviyo and Dotdigital. But when you have customers that have actively opted into SMS communication, you have an opportunity for increased engagement. And that’s where Attentive comes in. 

What is Attentive?

Attentive is the leader in conversational commerce, reinventing business-to-consumer communication. Their SMS-first software platform helps innovative brands—from e-commerce entrepreneurs to retail enterprises—strengthen relationships with their consumers in a new way. Through two-way, real-time, personalized communications, Attentive drives billions in e-commerce revenue, and over 5,000 leading brands use Attentive to deliver powerful commerce experiences.  

With our new integration with Attentive, you can generate more reviews, encourage authentic UGC, and further segment your subscribers based on review activity. 

How Does the REVIEWS.io Attentive Integration Work?

There are two key use cases for this integration - pushing events from REVIEWS.io to trigger actions in Attentive, and using REVIEWS.io data points for audience segmentation. 

Triggering Actions - with Attentive’s Journeys tool, brands can send automated, in-the-moment text messages triggered by certain customer behaviours or events. Now, brands can do so triggered by REVIEWS.io events. So for example, when we receive information about an order from your store from someone on your SMS subscriber list, we push that event to Attentive to trigger a review invite via text message after they have received the product (at the same time pausing any email invite already automated via your REVIEWS.io account).

You can create Journeys to collect company reviews, product reviews, or both in one invite. You can also trigger actions based on reviews left and data points within, like ratings and content uploads. So again, as an example, if you receive a 5* product review with accompanying images, you can automate a personalised ‘thank you for the pics’ text message that enhances the customer experience. 

Audience segmentation - you can also use review data like ratings, comments, and UGC to further segment your subscriber list, meaning, grouping subscribers by common attributes and behaviours. This allows you to leverage SMS engagement with highly targeted campaigns. As a use case here, those that have left 5* reviews are more likely to become brand advocates, making them the perfect audience for referral campaigns.

"The collection of zero party data is so important for merchants now to be able to personalize the experience for their customers. We're so excited to partner with REVIEWS.io with this new integration, that will allow our mutual customers to use the power of the SMS channel to drive more reviews and user generated content and enhance the customer experience."

Greg Bauman, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships, Attentive

How To Get Set Up With REVIEWS.io & Attentive 

To get started, you’ll need to be a current Attentive customer, and have a REVIEWS.io subscription on the Small Business plan or above. Once those conditions are met, it's a simple process:

  • Go to your REVIEWS.io dashboard and navigate to Integrations > Attentive
  • Click Connect new Attentive store
  • Click Authorise to complete the integration

And that’s it! You’ll be redirected back to your REVIEWS.io account from there, where you’ll need to log in again to complete the installation. You’ll be taken straight to the Attentive page, which will confirm the integration is live.

You can now start plotting your unique subscriber journeys and setting conditions for data-driven segmentation. And because Attentive offers advanced reporting, you can easily track performance and refine your approach to maximise ROI.  

If you need any help with the installation or want to know more about our Attentive integration, we’re all ears. Just use our live chat feature to get in touch.  

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