Charlie Hustle are an American clothing brand specialising in vintage-inspired casual wear. With their comittment to high-quality design, fabrication and customer service, they've built a solid name for themselves and a loyal customer base.
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Take one look at a Charlie Hustle T-Shirt, and you'd get a good idea of what this iconically American brand is all about.

Inspired by sports and popular culture from the 70s and 80s, they take the familiar and make it new again. The bright colours and friendly faces features across their website encapsulate the team behind the screen - a group of young and creative individuals that champion self-identity and happiness.

Although the brand and its leaders may be young, they've got long-standing values. They're commited to quality, with every item made in the U.S.A from sumptuously soft fabrics. It's fair to say Charlie Hustle take comfort seriously, and it's this, along with their iconic designs and great service that have help them build a highly successful and recognisable brand.

With successful stores across the U.S.A, we wanted to find out how reviews have helped them make their online store step up to the mark.

The Challenge

A few years back, Charlie Hustle were looking to update and improve their online store across areas including SEO and customer experience.

They knew they had lots of satisfied customers, but didn't have a way of proving it. They wanted to use the happy experiences they gave their current customers to encourage new and potential customers to buy from them.

Although Charlie Hustle had already used an alternative review provider, they felt they were paying over the odds for the service and features on offer.

They were looking for a solution that could grow with them as they improved their website and gained a bigger online presence.

The Solution

With's reasonable pricing, high-tech features and intuitive interface that grow as you do, Charlie Hustle didn't hesitate in switching over.

"Our old platform was too costly and the service was subpar for how much we were spending. allowed us to accomplish the same things while saving money and allocating to other important parts of our business."

With our speedy Shopify integration, getting set up was easy. Charlie Hustle's customers were quickly able to start receiving automated review requests upon order completion and telling others about their great experiences.

Charlie Hustle chooses to use one of our in-email review invitations, will allow customers to leave feedback in the body of the email itself. With their iconic branding added, it's yielded great results. Charlie Hustle have also chosen to add an extra step to the review process with a Voucher Code. The Voucher Code appears upon completion of a review and encourages customers to come back soon to shop again.

Charlie Hustle Review Invitation Email

Collecting both Product and Company reviews, they're able to hit customers both high and low in the sales funnel. Product reviews give insight into specific details such as sizing and quality - helpful for customers with high intent. For those customers less familiar with the Charlie Hustle brand and at the top of the funnel, reviews provide an encouraging overview.

Now, customers could access additional, independent information about Charlie Hustle - a factor which greatly improved the customer experience.

Charlie Hustle wanted to get more keywords on their site, another reason collecting product reviews was such a good idea. Our wide selection of review widgets are crawlable, meaning Google can read the review content. This constant flow of fresh, keyword-rich content telling Google more about the product improves rankings and boosts traffic.

Elsewhere, Charlie Hustle used our Local Reviews feature to collect more reviews on Google. This not only helped to develop a consistent reputation  across the web but also to stand out in Local Search Results and improve their SEO.

Bonus Points: Through reviews, Charlie Hustle have been able to learn more about their performance.

"We immediately know what products are embraced or which ones lack in quality. We’ve had times where we’ve taken a product offline due to poor reviews, because we want our customer experience to be top-notch. On the flip side, there have been times we’ve ordered more of a product based on initial reviews."


Charlie Hustle identified the need for customer reviews to make a success of their online store, and have reaped great rewards in doing so. They've now collected over 7,500 product reviews, 500 company reviews and 110 local reviews.


All the verified reviews Charlie Hustle have collected with a Google Licensed Review Partner (us!) helped them to qualify for Google Seller Ratings. In showing stars alongside their Google ads, they've been able to lower their CPC by 13%.

On-site, the great news continues. Charlie Hustle site is getting more website traffic and as a result, has seen revenue increase year-on-year by 9.84%

"Without we wouldn’t be where we are today. By implementing in the past year, we’ve taken huge strides in providing customers with more information to make an informed decision on their purchase."

Final Words

Charlie Hustle have embraced the power of their customers' voice and used it to empower new customers to shop with them. In exploring the features, they've been able to build a Customer Review Strategy that works.

Congrats on the hard work guys, and keep on Hustlin'!

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