As an intuitive, data driven platform, Klaviyo enables brands to own their marketing. It offers the strategic insight and versatility needed to create engaging customer experiences across multiple channels.
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We’re big advocates of this marketing powerhouse, as are a growing number of our eCommerce customers. It’s one of our most popular integrations, with Klaviyo and working together seamlessly as part of the best of breed approach.

With that in mind, we chose to learn more about its capabilities with Klaviyo Certification. This next level knowledge allows us to better serve our customers with the integrations we offer, and help them maximise not just our own solution, but Klaviyo too.

What is Klaviyo?

In short, it’s a platform that gives you full control over the messages you create and send to your target audience. It allows for true personalisation based on consumer data and behaviour, so you can create custom experiences that drive business growth. 

And because growth is measured in revenue, not clicks, it can also give you the metrics you need to see the real return value of your campaigns. 

Because it’s so data driven, platforms like are its perfect partner. Insight gathered through customer feedback and purchase behaviour helps you segment your audiences, and connect with them at the opportune moment. 

It’s super valuable in terms of knowing your customers statistically, that’s such an easy win when integrating with

Cole Prentice, Product specialist

Using the four key functions of our Klaviyo integration, you can keep all your marketing communications on brands, create highly segmented audiences, trigger messaging at key moments, and support campaigns with powerful social proof. 

The benefit of integrating Klaviyo with, is an incredible additional layer of customisation!

Cole Prentice, Product specialist

What is the Klaviyo Product Certification?

To help its customers maximise the platform's full potential, Klaviyo recently launched its new academy and product certification

The academy is a suite of online courses, designed by Klaviyo experts, that give you the knowledge you need to create effective strategies based on your marketing goals. 

Within the academy sits the product certification. This collection of courses covers design best practice, audience segmentation and communication styles, and various marketing strategies for business growth, all based on the power of Klaviyo’s data driven approach. 

On completion, users can sit an exam to earn their product certification, something many of the team have already achieved. We’re now in a much better place to help our customers utilise both platforms to full effect, and get maximum benefit from what this dynamic integration has to offer. Team Members Success

Congratulations to the following on becoming Klaviyo certified members of the team:

If you want to make the most of the and Klaviyo integration, our customer success teams are happy to help. If you’re yet to discover how can form part of an effective tech stack, head over to our integrations page and see how easy it is to incorporate customer feedback into your growth strategy. 

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