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The Pen Company - Case Study Undertaken by


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As an SEO agency, SALT understands the technical and business marketing advantages of company that listens to its customer base. We were approached by The Pen Company, a specialist online stationer, to help it with search marketing in 2013. Like many retailers, the company is an expert in its field, and while this was obvious from the very first of our conversations, unless someone had had previous experience with The Pen Company, this was difficult to convey online.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.48.44Competition, especially in the UK, has never been so high, and with more and more people opting for grey imports, or preferring to use market places, we needed a way to sing the praises of The Pen Company as a knowledgeable online retailer, offering great service and value.

We chose to recommend based on previous projects, and have been delighted with the results.

For example: Search engines value, and trust consumer reviews, choosing to use of them in Google organic search results. If you do a search for the Graf von Faber Castle range of pens, you will see the following micro format data in enhanced results. This helps to both increase the click-through rate to the website, and the trust of the company.


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The results have been better than expected, with some product lines converting in excess of 7% across paid, and organic search channels!

Using was part of a larger overall project to increase the conversion rate of the website. With the help of reviews in 2015 we improved an already respectable average of 2.55%, to a very impress 4.48%, representing a 75% increase!


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Testimonial from client

As a small family business, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the ubiquity of the big players on line. We saw as an opportunity to level the playing field and let our customers do the talking for us. We knew that we were offering excellent products at competitive prices backed by good availability and excellent customer services, but we needed to let our customers know this too.

We started looking at independent review providers and soon found that the cost varied hugely and it also appeared that some of the sites were quite open and easy to ‘spam’: people with no connection to, or experience of your business could post random reviews, both good and bad.  After this research, we decided upon It was a no-brainer really. Their system seemed water-tight and immune from spamming, it was truly independent, they offered us everything we were looking for, including a right to reply. Most importantly, their star ratings were adopted by Google; shown both on search results and on PPC advertising and their costs were very competitive too!

One aspect of using reviews hadn’t really occurred to us until we actually started and began reading them. It really is very useful to know what customers think and feel about their experience using our business. The proportion of customers that will actually respond to a request for a review will always be small, but you can be assured that those with a problem will almost certainly let you know about it.

As well as encouraging potential customers to click on our search result rather than someone else’s, they now land on our site with a positive expectation and this has lead to a healthy increase in our conversion rate. I am told by people that know about these things that our conversion rate is “astronomical”! We like to think that we have a well designed and attractive site, but we are convinced that has had no small part in this improvement.

We are now in a position where our use of is bedded in and we have received sufficient reviews, nearly all of which are very positive, to give the process some status and value in the minds of potential customers. The process of putting our products in front of customers on line continues to grow in complexity: no small company can afford not to keep up with marketing developments and have played their part helping us to do just that.

From analytics data we can see that the widget on out home page is one of the most clicked on features, which, is testament to how important the 3rd party review process is to prospective customers.

Integration of both review collection and adding the review widget to our website was extremely easy. The support provided by both during set-up and as an established customer has been excellent - their email support is virtually instant and comprehensive, on the rare occasion we have needed to phone them there has always been an instant answer from a knowledgeable member of staff who has instantly resolved any query we have had.

We have been using since 2013 and have found the conversion of review requests from our customers, through, has exceeded those quoted to us as "typical" by the representatives of other review collection agencies. Furthermore, since in the time we've been using our e-commerce conversion rate has increased by 6.5%.

This combination of high conversion rates, price, excellent support and Google Partner status has proved a winning formula and we would recommend to any business looking to collect genuine impartial customer reviews.

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