Victoria Health is a bit of a pioneer in eCommerce, having set up 25 years ago, long before online shopping was ‘a thing’. So when it came to modernizing its store with customer reviews, the brand needed a partner that would help it retain the authenticity of its well established reputation.
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The Challenge

As a wellness and beauty brand, Victoria Health has a clear purpose - to sell products designed to have a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s also a very customer focused brand that looks to build relationships through trust and transparency.

Yet until recently it had never looked at collecting reviews, in large part due to the apprehension.

The fear was of fake reviews, and understandably so. Whether they display negative or overly positive sentiment, reviews left by bogus customers can cause real damage to a brand’s reputation. But Victoria Health saw review collection for what it is - an absolute must in today’s eCommerce landscape.

So the challenge became, how to collect and publish reviews with authenticity and transparency? And how to display customer feedback on-site in a way that elevates Victoria Health, and not the review provider?

“We value trust and the relationship we have with our customers. We want them to feel that they’re safe, they can ask questions, and that we’re transparent. We want them to have a positive experience. That’s why it was so important for us to have reviews.” 

The Solution

When you think of reviews there’s a couple of names that automatically spring to mind, but for Lara, the right provider isn’t always the market leader - it’s one that offers a supportive partnership. And certainly in this case, one that offers a solution where only verified customers are able to leave a review. 

Having seen implemented on another site, she was impressed with the subtlety of our widget design compared with our competitors, and so decided to check us out.

What she found was all her boxes ticked - a robust verification process for review submission, seamless integration with BigCommerce (the brand’s chosen eCommerce platform) and responsive customer service.

“I want a provider that can partner with us, where I can speak to a human and where there's an understanding of us as a business. impressed me from the outset. You were customer-centric, you listened to us and the onboarding was beyond simple.”

The Strategy

Through the use of and a well thought out strategy, Lara is both strengthening the reputation of Victoria Health and improving the positive customer experience it prides itself on. Here’s how.

Considered Review Requests

Victoria Health sells products that can’t be evaluated at first sight. Unlike an item of clothing, say, where an opinion can be formed pretty much straight away, customers need time to experience the efficacy of supplements and wellness products. 

This is factored into the brand’s approach with review requests triggered 16 days after delivery using our automation tool for email sequencing and setting-up time delays prior to sending invites.

As part of those requests, Lara includes a note. This asks that a customer waits to submit a review if they feel it’s still too early to give an opinion, and also offers a point of contact should the customer need any help. It’s an effective way to curb reviews that aren’t a true reflection of the product experience, whilst maintaining transparency in the review collection process. 

The request emails also state that reviews are only sourced from customers who have made a verified purchase, confirming authenticity and building trust. 

And as Lara rightly points out, these verified reviews are a powerful way of driving sales, especially when collected through a Google Licensed Partner. This means that as well as strengthening your own site, you can also earn a Google Seller Rating and publish stars in Ads. 

“I'm definitely driven by star reviews. And I think they’re even more important as people's disposable income has decreased. There isn't the opportunity to just buy on impulse. You want to hear people's real opinions before you commit your money, and reviews can be an incredible tool to convert.”

Learning from Feedback

Reviews aren’t just a great conversion tool - they’re also an excellent source of data for better product development and product line management. Or just general feedback about the business and their experience, to really understand what is working and perhaps what is not.

Part of Victoria Health’s ethos is to only sell products that really do make a difference. By paying close attention to the reviews that come in, it can better determine the true efficacy of each product line and be confident its delivering the best possible customer experience.

Victoria Health + a Proactive Partnership

Victoria Health may be well established as a business but its journey with has only just begun. Moving forward, the brand intends to leverage our powerful Klaviyo integration, adding social proof to marketing comms by way of reviews and star ratings. 

And we’re thrilled to hear Lara’s continually impressed by the support we offer, both through our responsive live chat function and regular emails from Customer Success on how to make the most of’s capabilities. It’s all part of the friendly service that sets us apart. 

“I often tell people we work with how delighted I am with It's the most pleasurable experience. Nothing is a problem. And how wonderful to work with a partner that comes to you proactively and is able to support you and work with you.”

Whether you’re a long standing eCommerce brand or completely new to online retail, we have a range of contract free price plans to suit. They’re all fully customisable, so you can scale up with more advanced solutions as your review strategy grows. We even have a 14-day free trial so you can test drive the platform!

Switching from another provider? We’ve got that covered too. No matter what platform you’ve used in the past, it’s a simple process to transfer existing content over to

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