FullPicture.io is a brand new platform designed and developed by the REVIEWS.io team. It’s our answer to attribution and conversion tracking, helping you understand the customer journey - and how to make it more profitable - with data that’s easy to act on.
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If you’re an existing REVIEWS.io customer, you’ll know we build our solutions to be as user friendly as possible. FullPicture.io is no different. It’s a code free, developer free approach to insightful analytics.

What is FullPicture.io?

As an all-in-one analytics platform, FullPicture.io is built specifically for eCommerce brands. Seamlessly compatible with Shopify, it helps you understand where your customers come from, what they do on your site, and what prompts or prevents them from making a purchase. It’s very much designed to support business growth, so focuses solely on the data you need to make better decisions. 

You can track key metrics like visitors, page views, session times, orders, AOV, paid marketing referrers and much more. You’ll also benefit from some pretty nifty features:

Record and replay visitor sessions - track exactly how customers behave on site by watching their actions play out in front of you. See what they interact with, what they avoid, how they navigate through their purchase, and anything that might be causing friction. 

Product UTM Tracking - allows brands to get raw attribution data for their paid marketing. This data can easily be filtered, for example, a company running a summer 2022 campaign for one of their products on both instagram & google can filter their stats by the campaign name & see the combined data.

Real time data - track the stats that matter in real time. See how many users are on your site and where they sit in the purchase funnel. 

Key Benefits of FullPicture.io

With Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies, and the rising cost of customer acquisition, it’s never been so important to understand consumer psychology, and what influences a purchase decision. 

Attribution was a key driver behind the creation of FullPicture.io. We wanted to help brands assign value to customer touchpoints - and understand their impact on conversion - so they can do more of what works. 


We’ve included survey functionality because, as privacy becomes more of a barrier, the only way to really know your audience is to ask them about their experience.

Surveys appear on-site after a completed checkout and are customisable, so you can focus on relevant touchpoints. And they give you actionable data to improve the buyer journey, rather than vanity metrics that are easy to misinterpret. 


FullPicture.io gives you data specific to your on-site reviews, showing you how they influence orders, revenue and AOV. It can also be used to A/B test where reviews are displayed, so you can publish them where they’ll have the biggest impact.

This is groundbreaking stuff, as we’ve never been able to truly quantify the ROI of review content. Now we can and our early results are impressive. They show a 10.3% increase in AOV for customers that read product reviews. 


We talk a lot about the importance of an integrated eCommerce tech stack. FullPicture.io not only reduces the number of integrated platforms you need, it also helps you monitor the solutions you run. 

You’ll receive alerts via email or Slack whenever there’s an issue, so you can prevent downtime from affecting sales.  

Coming Soon 

As a brand new platform, we’re constantly trying to update and improve the solution and therefore have some exciting new developments coming soon including: 

Heatmaps - improve store design and UX with heatmap data. Spot and fix critical issues like rage clicks and dead links, see what adds value to the shopping experience, and what on page elements go largely ignored. 

Competitor tracking - find out what the competition is up to when they visit your site, and if they’re impacting your ROAS by clicking on your paid Ads. 

Start Collecting Actionable Data for Your eCommerce Store

We’re really excited to be rolling out FullPicture.io. We’ve been beta testing it for a while now with fantastic feedback, and it’s offered up some really valuable insight for our early adopters. 

It sits nicely alongside our market leading review solution as another tool to help eCommerce brands grow at scale. Start your FullPicture.io journey today.

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