No business wants to be stuck with a review solution that’s costing them money, but bringing little by way of return. If you’re locked into a 12 month contract it may seem like the only option is to grin and bear it, but we’ve got great news for you - can help.
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We’ve seen a lot of customers get caught in the same trap - not just with Trustpilot but with other providers like Yotpo for example. They’re sold on the very real benefits of review collection, but left somewhat disheartened by a service that doesn’t deliver on its promises - and even more disheartened that they’re seemingly tied to that service for the foreseeable.

As a Trustpilot alternative (or Yotpo alternative as the case may be), we’re proud to offer these customers three things:

  • A workable way out of their existing contract, with a seamless transition over to our platform
  • A flexible solution that fits with their needs and their budget, offered on a rolling monthly basis and complete with full support
  • Proof that managing their online reputation can actually be a frictionless, pain free experience

So exactly why were these customers looking to switch in the first place?

Can You Trust Trustpilot?

From our point of view, any provider that ties customers into lengthy contracts for a SaaS tool is working on an outdated (and questionable) model. This is backed up by stories from existing Trustpilot customers that highlight some of the flaws in its approach.

Here’s a breakdown of the top reasons brands have approached us, and why we simply don’t believe in tying the customer down.  

They Weren’t Getting the ‘Guaranteed’ SEO Benefits

Both Trustpilot and Yotpo are Google licensed partners, as is, which means brands that use these platforms can see significant benefits when it comes to online visibility. But here’s the thing - those benefits are largely out of our control, and should never be fully guaranteed as a selling point. 

Google’s algorithms change constantly, so what works well for SEO one month might not have the same effect six months later. And if you’re tied into a contract based on guaranteed results, you might not be getting what you signed up for. 

Whilst we advise customers on the many SEO benefits of review content, we don’t promise them the earth. What we do promise, however, is to continue our close partnership with Google, and adapt quickly to any changes in search. And if you feel we’re not stepping up to the mark, you can leave us at any time. 

They Weren’t Getting Enough Technical Support

Another pull of the 12 month contract is the notion that longevity somehow equates to a supportive partnership. In reality, the opposite is all too often true. As a customer, you’ve already committed, so there’s no need for the provider to go above and beyond to keep you on board, and the support you receive quickly drops off. 

You’re still paying for it, but it’s just not there - and because of that you’re unable to use your review solution to full effect. 

Customer service is at the heart of the way we do business. We support the brands we work with however and whenever they need, and we use their feedback as fuel to continually develop our solution. In fact, there’s more developers on our team than there are sales reps, because if we don’t support the brands that use us, we wouldn’t have much of a business ourselves. 

They Were Hit With Price Hikes and Hidden Fees

A lack of transparency on pricing is something we come across a lot. Customers find unexpected costs for certain features once they’re already tied down, or their contract is auto renewed with a substantial price hike rolled in. Cancellation fees are typically astronomical, and the process complicated. 

Ultimately, they’re left paying over the odds with no justification for the expense. This might sound particularly familiar if you’re a Yotpo customer, as these guys are under constant scrutiny for their overpriced service.

With, what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on clear, transparent pricing, and because we work on a rolling monthly basis, it won’t cost you a penny to leave if you choose too. When we roll out upgrades or new features, they’re made available across all our price plans at no extra cost. There’s no hidden small print. Just an honest and fair approach to business. 

The Solution No Longer Met Their Needs

The major problem with long term contracts is that when circumstances change (as they inevitably do in business), the solution you’re signed up to can’t change with you. Upgrades are possible, yes. But they come with a hefty price tag, and aren’t designed to suit your particular needs. And if you want to downgrade, there’s no hope at all. 

There’s nothing worse than paying for features you just don’t need, so with you can downgrade at any time. Of course, our solution is designed to support business growth, and we find most of our customers want more features, not less. We listen to what they need, and make it a priority to deliver. 

If any of the scenarios above sound familiar, we can offer you a way out. 

Our Solution to Ending Your Trustpilot Contract

We’ve made switching to from both Trustpilot and Yotpo a straightforward, pain free experience. 

We’re now able to buy out your existing contract, so you can switch whenever you choose. This includes free transfer of any reviews you’ve collected through your current provider, all imported in just a few clicks. 

On switching you can choose from any of our transparent price plans, and start making use of innovative features like video reviews, our social proof editor, and flow sequences for more effective review collection. 

Our customer support team will be on hand to help with whatever you need for as long as you’re with us. And if we don’t meet your expectations, all you need to do is give us 30 days notice and you’re free to move on. 

Make the switch from Trustpilot today,or the switch from Yotpo and start benefiting from a review solution designed with your best interests in mind, not those of the provider.

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