Great News! We've got new customisation features for your review collector - try them out today.

Our Review collector template has had a little make-over, and with all good make-overs we've enhanced what was already there. It now includes:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • A preview feature
  • Question re-ordering

Let's take a look.

Multiple choice

1) Access the dashboard and navigate to Company Setup then Review Collection. Click Collection Settings.

2) On the Customise Company Reviews Collector page navigate to the Collector Page and click Edit.

This takes you to the Review Collector Customiser page. From here you can see all your review collector customisation options.

This is the new multiple choice question you can add.

Here are some examples for multiple choice questions you could ask:

Simply add the multiple choice question using the button, ask your question, and write as many choices as you see fit.

Review collection tip

You can include as many questions as you like, but a word to the wise, the quicker your reviewer can get through the review, the more likely they are to complete and submit it, helping maximise conversion.

Even if you work your way to a smaller review collection survey, repeat customers who dropped out the first time will most likely remember how tedious it was before, and are less likely to want to go through it again.

A 3-10 question survey takes around 2-5 minutes, and research has found that the shorter the survey, the longer your customers will spend answering each question, generating more authentic and reliable responses. The longer the questionnaire becomes, the more respondents begin to speed through, thus leaving the review sub-par. Overall, keep it short, keep it sweet.

(Survey Monkey Data)

*NOTE Your first two questions - the main rating and review - are the most important so will always be asked first and can't be removed.


Previously there was no preview feature button. Originally, you had to send yourself a review invitation in order to preview your collector page. If there were mistakes or you weren't satisfied you had to note these down, go back and make blind changes, then repeat the process until it was correct.

Now you're able to check out your review collection questions at the click of a button and see them as your customer would, before committing to sending. If there are any problems you can close the preview, make any amendments and view it again and again until its just right.

1) Whilst still in the Review Collector Customiser, save any changes and click Go To Review Collector.

This message will appear.

2) If you're happy with your changes click Preview Collector, if not, click cancel and continue customising.

Sometimes it takes a fresh angle to view mistakes or simply refine something. That's now made much easier with the new preview feature.


1) Whilst still in the Review Collector Customiser, take a look at the arrow options beside your review questions.

*NOTE Your first two questions - the main rating and review - are the most important so will always be static and always remain at the top, they can't be re-ordered.

Originally you were stuck with the order your questions appeared. This meant if you'd successfully added 2 questions, and were about to add a third but then realised the order didn't make sense, you'd have to remove everything and potentially start again.

Hands up, that's on us! We're always trying to optimise user ease of experience, and this was one of those helpful changes.

After the first two questions onwards you can ask your questions in whichever order, because if you're not satisfied during or upon completion, you can easily re-order them saving you time.

*Bumper feature*

Not technically new, but often overlooked is the branch option. If you have branch already setup (it won't be applicable to everyone) you can configure certain questions for specific branches.

1) Choose a question button, and type your question into the field. Now select your branch from the drop down menu.

If wanting to add branch to an already written question, click configuration and choose your branch. It will automatically be set to "None selected". If at all you wish to remove branch from the question, go back into configure and choose "None selected" again.

Blog summary

We love making improvements, however we also believe if it 'aint broke, don't fix it' so we won't fiddle around with already great features.

We look forward to the next new announcement, but for now, we hope you enjoy all the benefits of the new review collector customisations. Feel free to visit our homepage to check out our great solutions, or try a free trial using the button at the top of the page.

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