We often discuss the importance of creating brand advocates and we’ve now just made that easier than ever with our new loyalty solution, Influence.io. This will allow your business to turn ordinary transactional sales into a passionate community of advocates and therefore maximise your customer acquisition efforts.
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Start rewarding your customers

What Does it do? 

Influence.io allows you to create excitement around your community by offering rewards to your customers for creating an account and making purchases. You can also increase the engagement of your customers by rewarding actions such as leaving text/video reviews. Furthermore, you can develop your relationships with customers on an emotional level by offering personalised rewards such as celebrating their birthday. 

How Can I Implement it?

If you are a REVIEWS.io customer on Shopify, you can now access Influence.io on the dash or in the Shopify store

Why You Should Have a Loyalty Solution

Research from Bain & Company shows that retention rates that increase 5% can boost profits by 25-95%. A loyalty program directly grows your business by increasing customer retention. Therefore we believe this is a great opportunity for brands who want to create an active community and offers a range of benefits such as; 

  • The ability to collect more in-depth data from your customers 
  • Creating brand advocates who feel a sense of belonging
  • Customers who are much less likely to switch to competitors
  • Improving your CLTV as customers are incentivised to spend more frequently 
  • A super speedy set up, allowing you to set up on brand rewards in minutes

Vary Your Loyalty Options 

Loyalty program - allow your customers to earn points for completing actions such as placing an order & convert these points to perks.

VIP program - reward your most loyal customers by introducing Loyalty Tiers. Clients get exclusive rewards when they achieve higher Loyalty Tiers

Referrals - attract new customers, by incentivising your existing customers to refer their friends in exchange for rewards

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