Great marketing is a long term, strategic activity that educates, engages and inspires your audience to take action. The cornerstone of any successful business, brands that make their marketing matter stand out in a crowded landscape.
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But what’s the secret behind a better than average approach? Here’s five ways to get the greatest return out of your marketing efforts.

1. Reflect on Your Business Success

To make your marketing matter, you need to know where your brand currently sits, and where you want to take it. Before you rush into any new marketing efforts, reflect on what you’ve already achieved, what helped you get there, and what proved to be an unprofitable investment. 

This will help you plan ahead strategically, with a clear understanding of what your audience responds well to (and what they don’t) and how this translates into business success. 

2. Communicate With Your Customers

It sounds obvious, but there are a lot of brands that fall short when it comes to regular communication. To build a solid reputation, you need to be active on all marketing platforms, not only to keep your audience informed about new products or services, but also to get them engaged with who you are as a brand. 

From social media to email marketing, use every channel to connect with the customer, not forgetting those all important touch points throughout the purchase process. Remember as well that communication is a two way street. If customers take time to leave feedback for your brand, respond to positive and negative reviews to prove how much you value their opinion.  

We recently caught up with skiddle, who boost one of the highest customer approval ratings, just how they respond to negative feedback.

3. Rebrand Your Business

As daunting as it may sound, a rebrand can bring great return. It shows you’re a business not content with standing still, and are constantly looking for ways to move forward. A complete makeover might not be necessary, but there’s always something that can be improved.

Could you spruce up your branding? Develop your website layout? Update or clear out old content? You might even try something completely new, like expanding your offering in line with consumer demand. It shows you’re attentive to your audience, and gives you something to shout about. 

4. Be Active With Trends

Keep your ear to the ground with what’s going on in your industry, and stay ahead of the curve with emerging trends. Consumers expect brands to be responsive, and if you fall behind the times you’re likely to fall out of fashion too. 

If there’s one trend every brand needs to consider, it’s what should you do to improve your customer experience. This has been a key topic for some time, but it’s importance has been accelerated by the pandemic, with consumer expectation now far more demanding than in the pre COVID world. 

5. Use The Customers Voice

One of the most effective ways to make your marketing matter is to keep it authentic and relatable. And that means using the most trusted form of content - reviews from those that have first hand experience of your brand. 

Plan your approach strategically to avoid downfalls when collecting and using reviews, and to ensure you get the most mileage out of your user generated content. Customer feedback isn’t just a valuable marketing tool. It’s also your best insight into how your brand is perceived, and what you can do to make it better.  

Video review from Farmison & Co.

Are you harnessing the power of your customers? Customers are creating high-quality content. You just need to ask for it.

Callum McKeefery

Why Marketing Helps your Business Become Successful

Great marketing is what makes your business visible. It promotes your brand across all the relevant channels and encourages interaction. It keeps your target audience aware, informed, and engaged. 

By making it matter you use marketing to the fullest, attracting new custom, building long lasting, profitable relationships and, subsequently, driving business growth. 

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