It’s a different take in this week’s eCommerce Rocketship, as Callum gets the lowdown on growing a start-up amidst a global pandemic from Bathroom Mountain co-founder Jay O’Neill.
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The mobile experience, you can't overlook it anymore — before you could maybe get away, especially in our sector – we typically see a 80/20 in favour for mobile use.

Jay O’Neill, Co-founder
Bathroom Mountain

Bathroom Mountain

Bathroom Mountain launched in September ‘19 after Jay and fellow founder Shamila Iqbal spotted a hole in a very competitive marketplace. Watch the interview in full to hear Jay’s advice on how to grow quickly and profitably, despite the challenges of a shifting consumer landscape.

Key highlights:

00:00- 07:30 - Introduction to Jay and background of Bathroom Mountain

Jay O’Neil director and Co-founder of Bathroom Mountain, which officially started in September 2020 and their main USP is selling everyday at low prices. Operate on day customers pick is the day the product is delivered, for new businesses starting up is planning and researching the market. Bathroom Mountain fills the hole in the market, of being a transactional business being different from other bathroom businesses.

07:30 - 16:00 - Bathroom Mountain business developing

Expand Bathroom Mountain products to their own brands not just selling other brands, working closely with manufacturers. 90% paid area, launching google free listings, and only selling just through the business website. First metric looked at everyday is the overall revenue, using Magento to develop to where they are.

16:00 -24:00 - Ecommerce and delivery trends and changes

An increase of customer mobile use especially during COVID, Bathroom Mountain operating on an 80:20 split on mobile and desktop traffic. Looking at other ecommerce sites as competitors, and getting feedback from customers to ensure they target their audience in the right way. Using different payment methods as mobile traffic increases changes will be made. Ecommerce changes and compares to competitors to reach customers expectations in all aspects especially in delivery.

24:00 - 30:22 - Future of Bathroom Mountain

Being different to competitors, offering customers the best and easy service within the  bathroom sector as well as looking at content and imagery.  Launching the first showroom in march to allow customers to see the type and standard of products they can purchase. Future of Bathroom Mountain using augmented reality by using a mobile device to see what the new bathroom would look like before ripping out the current bathroom.

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