In episode 2 of the eCommerce Rocketship, Callum catches up with Luke Williams, founder and director of Justmylook, an online beauty retailer that’s experienced exponential growth since its launch five years ago, and currently fulfills around 5,000 orders per day.
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For any up and coming eCommerce entrepreneur, Luke’s advice is gold. Watch the video in full to hear his tips on where to focus your time and energy, how to choose the right agencies to partner with, and how to grow your business through strategic expansion.

What is the E-commerce Rocketship?

The eCommerce Rocketship is a passion project of founder and CEO, Callum Mckeefery, and his son Hudson. Their goal is to support new online businesses by sharing the first hand experience of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Hudson is non-verbal, and suffers from an extremely rare mitochondrial disease. In joining his dad on the rocketship, he’s learning new ways to communicate and raising awareness of a condition few people are aware of.


Luke’s the founder and the director of Justmylook, this UK ecommerce company launched in 2015 and has been working with Justmylook for several years now. For those listening and watching, Hudson is my nonverbal son who we are just trying to engage. Luke continues to say…

Key Highlights:

02:00-06:00 - Introduction to Luke and background of Justmylook:

Recognised there was a growing demand for products that were classed as salon professional. Turnover of over $5,000 a day, and in COVID it was significantly higher. Recently celebrated the one millionth customer in the UK, being a landmark achievement. Looking to launch in the Nordic market, Europe as a whole and tackle China and America, being a big project itself.

06:00-12:00 - Impact of technology within the beauty industry:

Picked up a huge percentage share from the start as many shoppers purchase beauty products from high street stores. Brands invest in technology including augmented reality like L’oreal where customers can download an app and try a foundation in real time.

12:00-24:00 - Ecommerce and marketing trends:

Visual software is great for consumers constantly improving their platform. A steady growth in metrics by looking at the number of customers dealt with each day. Biggest trend in ecommerce apps making it more accessible for customers and focusing on business websites. Before starting a business, do your research of the market your entering to ensure they succeed. Using web free delivery on all orders with no minimum spend being the greatest tools for growing a business.

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