There’s knowledge bombs galore in the latest episode of the eCommerce Rocketship, as Adam Pearce, CEO and Founder of Blend Commerce, shares his expertise and insight on all things Shopify.
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If you are an entrepreneur who wants to get going now, get started quickly, without a shadow of doubt — I don't care who you speak to, it's got to be Shopify.

Adam Pearce
Founder and CEO of Blend

Blend Commerce

Blend Commerce is a specialist Shopify agency, and what Adam doesn’t know isn’t worth talking about. Watch the episode in full to hear his thoughts on app integrations, driving conversions, and how to establish an authentic direct to consumer brand.

Key highlights:

00:00-10:00 - Introduction to Adam and background of Blend

Blend is an ecommerce platform that started up in 2016 that specialises in developing Shopify sites, they also do email marketing and Facebook ads. Family company of 13 employees, business partner being Adam’s brother-in-law who worked with Shopify, pulling the developing side and marketing side together. Blend tries to have a big agency field but with a friendly and personal touch, use to target the reviews service compared to other services that are not needed for the business. Subscription brands are spending more, Blend work with single product purchases in terms of Facebook ads and marketing.

10:00-20:00 - Marketing and entrepreneurs ways forward

Agency that doesn’t deal with google shopping much until they realise the importance of SEO how the impact of free google shopping is beneficial. Mobile sites bring in more traffic therefore mobile sites should be created/thought about first before the desktop sites making processes faster and more convenient for customers such as Klarna. Dealing with different clients means AB testing needs to be done to ensure the payment methods are suitable for the clients customers.

20:00-35:00 - How Blend give advice about different agencies

Blend advice clients to ask what agencies have to offer ensuring they are right for what they are looking to improve and accelerate in product management. Shopify plus is built for average people who are not technical at all which shows clients what to do in the best way, whereas Magento is for the time when people went to an agency for a web developer to handle a businesses site without having to understand anything or do it themselves.

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