When you choose a piece of eCommerce technology, you essentially choose a strategic partner to help you grow your business. That means you need to consider both the support you’ll get from any given provider, and how your chosen technologies are likely to complement each other. That’s exactly how Tumbl Trak came to be a REVIEWS.io customer, as Web Applications Architect Bob Kolk explains in our latest case study.
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The Challenge

Founded 35 years ago, Tumbl Trak is in the business of sports equipment, but not just any old sports equipment. Its innovative product range is designed to help athletes train both smarter and safer, be it at home or in the gym.

Starting out in the sport of gymnastics, the brand has expanded to serve customers across cheer, dance, martial arts and fitness.

Its eCommerce strategy is broad, selling to both gyms and individual athletes around the globe. For that it needs a solid online reputation that clearly conveys the value of its products.

Customer reviews play a big part in this, but the challenge was finding the right platform for review collection - one that could support Tumbl Trak’s marketing strategy, and fit seamlessly with its existing tech stack.

The Solution

After in-depth vetting - including product demos and chats with providers - the brand opted for REVIEWS.io, finding that we ticked all the right boxes. This included responsive customer and technical support, and a number of partnerships/integrations that would help the brand achieve its primary goals.

Tumbl Trak now has powerful trust signals at multiple touch points, helping to drive online sales through positive word of mouth.

“Customer reviews are a powerful tool for higher end brands like Tumbl Trak to stand out. These reviews provide social proof, validating the brand's quality and reputation.”

The Strategy

Tumbl Trak launched its review strategy around three years ago, with a primary focus on pleasing Google. The brand knew it needed a good Seller Rating to boost performance in both organic and Google Shopping search, and that collecting reviews through a Google Licensed Partner was the only way to earn one. 

Of course, there are multiple Google Licensed Partners out there - including market leaders like Trustpilot and Feefo - but for the team at Tumbl Trak, REVIEWS.io stood out as being in what Bob kindly describes as an ‘upper echelon’.

Sure, names like Trustpilot have the brand recognition and market share, but for Bob it was more about trust, transparency, and how suitable the solution was for the brand’s needs.

So Bob and the team knew they had a solution that would allow them to up their Google game - but they also needed customer reviews published across their UK and US sites. For that they needed support on both sides of the pond, and a seamless integration with their chosen eCommerce platform, BigCommerce.

They found both things in REVIEWS.io, along with the top level technical support we pride ourselves on. As Bob explains, the external developer responsible for the Tumbl Trak site had a great experience working with our development team, finding our reaction to any technical request to be highly responsive.

The last part of Tumbl Trak’s tech stack to mention is Fast Simon. The brand uses this solution to improve CX with personalized search results and recommendations. And thanks to a partnership between REVIEWS.io and Fast Simon, those results and recommendations are enhanced by star ratings. It’s yet another way for Tumbl Trak to build trust with the consumer and drive conversion rates. 

Partnerships and integrations are a big part of why Bob and the team rate REVIEWS.io so highly, but they also find added value in our user-friendly tools and features, like Review Booster.

Having focused on company reviews for an extended period, they realized their product reviews were aging, lessening their impact on both customers and Google. As a solution, they went back to their orders from a busy holiday season, backdating product review requests month by month with the Review Booster tool.

Having worked with Tumbl Trak for three years now, we’re pleased to hear that Bob and co. are as happy with our product and service as they were on day one.

It’s our mission to be the most feature rich review solution on the market, but as just one part of a robust eCommerce strategy, we know how important our partnerships and integrations are to our customers.

Ultimately, we want your investment in us to enhance your entire tech stack and supercharge your marketing efforts. Check out our extensive integration library to see how we can help. We have a free trial which enables you to test out our platform for 14 days if you are thinking of switching.

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