Shiply is an online transport marketplace that connects customers to delivery companies, allowing them to find the best possible price for the job. The Shiply website has helped over 130k delivery companies find jobs and made millions of users happy.

Although Shiply acts as a neutral online Marketplace, they're committed to providing customers with a reliable service.

Shiply understand that price isn't everything. Trust is engrained in everything they do, with customer feedback and vigorous screening processes at the heart of operations.

Additionally to carrying out multi-stage checks before listing a delivery company on their site, Shiply also collect reviews for the delivery companies. Being able to see feedback for completed jobs is paramount in helping customers identify the most reliable delivery providers available.

In helping delivery companies to fill up extra space in their vehicles, Shiply has helped save over 135 million kg of CO2. As a result, they've been recognised in The Observer Ethical Awards, Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, The Environment and Energy Awards and more.

Shiply is a company that goes above and beyond to provide customers - and the world - with a responsible and reliable service. Today we're going to find out how Customer Reviews have helped them cement trust in their online marketplace.

The Challenge

Being a neutral platform and offering a new service, Shiply knew they needed to build trust from the offset. Independent reviews are seen as much more trustworthy, as they cannot be tampered with.

For Shiply, collecting Customer Reviews was a no brainer. They wanted to build a customer-centric business and knew openly welcoming feedback would help them do this. As Shiply wanted to learn from the feedback they collected in order to continually improve, they were looking for a Review Platform that enabled them to really delve into review data.

"Enabling independent reviews ensures customers are able to have the trust from other customers to continue to use the service."

The Solution

As soon as Shiply were introduced to, they knew they'd met their match.

" is a great site with a great interface that is very intuitive."

In order to collect reviews, Shiply use one of our customisable Review Templates. Each and every one of their customers is sent a review invitation by email which - as they've highlighted - takes just 20 seconds to complete.

Shiply make amazing use the feedback they collect. As they receive notifications every time a review comes in, they're able to easily identify any problems and rectify issues as quickly as possible. It's the collection of reviews and the insight they provide that's enabled Shiply to keep on doing better.

"Collecting customer feedback has highlighted parts of our customer journey which could be streamlined and improved. Good feedback is always nice to hear, but often within some of the negative stuff is feedback we can use to ensure first-class customer service. It's played an active part in helping us to change and improve our process." place a huge emphasis on the importance of replying to reviews. Shiply have clearly taken heed, replying to over 12% of them. Review replies open up a two-way conversion, enabling businesses to thank their customers, or, if necessary, placate them with explanations and apologies. Although offer private replies, publicly responding to feedback - whether positive or negative - as Shiply does, shows real customer care, and a commitment to transparency.

"Gathering honest feedback is a great way of us maintaining a customer-first approach to things. We want to be seen as an open business and are focused on ensuring we can answer customer queries to ensure that we've got happy customers."

On their homepage, Shiply have chosen to highlight individual reviews and showcase an overall rating to make a brilliant first impression. To build trust and confidence further, they feature a Carousel Inline Widget on their 'how it works page' - to encourage customers who are nearing the bottom of the sales funnel with more in-depth information.


Shiply have leveraged customer reviews and built a customer-centric platform that people can trust. With over 25,600 reviews collected and an overall rating of 4.62, their reviews really do speak for themselves.

" has been beneficial for us in many ways. As an online company, customer reviews and testimonials are crucial to creating trust in our platform for potential new users and has ensured we can collect as many reviews as possible in a quick and easy manner for both our customers and us."

Final Words

Shiply have built a business model based around customer happiness, and it shows. From start to finish, it's the customer's opinion that counts. As a neutral platform that embraces and publicises customer reviews, they've made delivery companies accountable for their performance.

Want to build trust on your website? We're here to help. Reach out to the team today and we'll get you ahead of the competition in no time at all.

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