Boomf gives a shining example of how to put customer reviews to best use. For these guys, it’s more than just chasing stars. It’s about sharing trusted recommendations, raising brand awareness with authentic content, and improving the customer experience by listening and responding to every single review they receive.
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The Story Behind the Brand

Boomf achieved something pretty spectacular back in 2013. With a single novelty product, the brand made a name for itself in an overcrowded market with a unique take on the gift giving experience:

“Boomf launched 7 years ago with the aim of offering gifts that were fun, surprising and a bit different. Our original product was the Personalised Marshmallows, we print your treasured photos onto fluffier-than-clouds marshmallows for that extra sweet treat. This is also why we are called Boomf, as it’s the sound of our marshmallows hitting your doormat.”

And the success didn’t stop there. Boomf took this spin and applied it to a range of products and shock gift cards like the Boomf Bomb, cards that can be tailored to any occasion and shower the recipient in an explosion of confetti.

With every gift a one off, Boomf really is the epitome of a personalised gift company:

“Our products allow you to send a memory, an experience and a personalised keepsake that long outlasts the initial celebration.”

But novelty alone will only get you so far, and it’s Boomfs savvy approach to brand awareness that continues to drive success.  

The Importance and Value of Collecting Reviews

Boomf understands that customer reviews are a vital part of an effective growth strategy, and by using the voice of the consumer, the team has boosted both visibility and reputation.

“We partnered with as they were trusted by many brands we admired. We aim to be customer led across all areas of the business and we take great pride in all our products.

“We recognise the power of recommendations and as a growing brand, brand authenticity and trust is vital to allow us to grow our customer base.”

To achieve that authenticity and trust, we recommend using video content as one of our 6 tips for sharing your positive reviews on social media. Boomf does just that.

Instead of investing in its own content creation, it drives brand awareness through persuasive and engaging user generated content.h

“Customer videos are a central part of our business; our brand is built on the experience of giving and receiving one of our products. Since launching our Boomf Bomb, we’ve collected over 25,000 videos on Instagram alone of joyful, funny and heart-warming moments. Video reviews are a natural extension of this and the Boomf experience can be shared with prospective customers.”

The type of content Boomf’s receiving captures the joy of birthdays, anniversaries, even marriage proposals, and they’re using video reviews to drive UGC for use across social media and paid ad campaigns.  

Why Responding To Reviews Is Important

Reviews allow consumers to experience products for themselves before they buy, helping to build your customer base. Boomf knows this, but they also know it’s about acknowledgment, making sure to respond to reviews, and using feedback as a way of providing the best possible customer experience.

“We respond to every single review, good or bad, within 48 hours. We welcome the negative reviews equally as the great ones. These reviews highlight any tweaks needed in our product or service.”

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Boomf’s review strategy is solid. Collection is important, but the brand focuses on using feedback to improve its service, and since our stats show their potential customers  are five times more likely to filter 1 star reviews than 5 star, it proves just how important it is that they’re proactive in dealing with negative feedback.

“We’re always listening and improving what we offer our customers. We want Boomf to be the number one destination for any celebration, so to do that, we understand we have to listen to our customers.”

Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 4.53.42 PM.png

They’ve also taken the time to understand what impact reviews have on purchasing decisions, and know that for a brand like them, video content is the most powerful way to connect with their target market. With video reviews, they’re not just promoting a product, they’re selling a product experience.

How Can You Collect Video Reviews?

For Boomf, collecting video content came naturally. Customers were already sharing their brand experience across social media with their own footage, but Boomf had little control over how it was used, and no way to measure its impact.

At, our goal is to make life easier, so we simplified this process, giving Boomf an efficient way to collect video content for use not just across social, but all marketing channels.

Create ad's with your video review content

Making video ads like we have using the social proof your customers provided. Every customer listed with has the same opportunity as every review collected is given the opportunity to add video content.

It’s easy for users to upload a video review alongside written comments, which you can quickly cut and trim to create powerful snippets of UGC, giving you a content library full of compelling social proof.

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