Through the collection and publication of reviews, Click Post have seen a 56% increase in sales over 6 months, with a continual monthly revenue increase of 10-14%!

In as little as a year, Click Post have established a fantastic review record with just over 265 reviews to date, 260 of which are 4 and 5 stars. In that time they've seen conversion absolutely rocket by 125% with Seller Ratings in their Google Ads, and continue to grow their sales month by month by 14%.

I got in touch to see just how they keep their customers happy, and find out more about those fantastic conversion rates.

Who are Click Post?

Click Post are an online plan printing service for construction professionals. Click Post was created out of necessity by individuals within their field to improve the creation and acquisition of construction documentation for fellow construction professionals.

Those individuals felt there were unnecessary delays in the time it took to process and deliver construction documentation, therefore, Click Post was conceived to reduce the time, stress and uncertainty of ordering prints online.

Click Post understand that time wasted is money wasted, and thus provide a service to enable construction professionals to swiftly gain their documentation making efficient use of their time, creating happy customers as an outcome. In order to nourish that great reputation they were building, Click Post looked to give those happy customers a voice and thus actively collect, publish and manage feedback with

Upon discovering I found the trial service not just extremely easy to use and integrate, but also more competitively priced than TrustPilot. Simple no nonsense displaying of reviews on our website with a  user interface that is easy to understand and use.

Just like Click Post's own efficient and hassle-free service, at we aspire to make review collection a seamless and stress-free experience, giving clients like Click Post all the tools they need to utilise customer feedback on their website, within Google, and across social media - 3 areas Click Post have seen, and continue to see, demonstrable benefits for both their business and customer-base.

Customers at the core

With great service as a standard, over 98% of Click Post's customers recommend their service. 260 of their 265 reviewers have given them 4 and 5 stars, with 250 of those being 5 stars themselves. It's an impressive figure and deserves insight.

Click Post attribute their great ratings firstly to the quality of the service they provide, honouring their quick turn around and achieving Click Post's whole concept, but they also emphasise the value of instant notification when they receive a review which is less than 4 stars: has helped us identify and confirm when our service falls below our 5 star standard. If a customer has given us a less than 4 star review, we can easily contact them, define the issue and find a suitable resolution.

Being able to quickly address issues by reaching out to those individuals means Click Post can highlight flaws in their service, as well as offer swift resolution. This has led to Click Post not only successfully receiving revised review ratings, but has enabled them to retain those individuals and benefit from repeat custom.

Boosted sales

Accomplishing customer satisfaction by turning a 1 star rating into 5 has not just been kind to Click Post's reputation, but those reviews have helped them see a major boost in their conversions and revenue. Greater customer trust through issue resolution and repeat custom has resulted in strong customer advocates, reflected in Click Post's outstanding NPS of 92.

It's also reflected in newcomers to Click Post's services. As a Google Licensed review partner, is able to facilitate businesses' company reviews to be displayed as stars within paid advertising; A profitable benefit unachievable without review collection through a licensed partner such as ourselves. As such, more Click Post shoppers have been attracted to their site when making an initial search due to their appealing 4.9 star Seller Ratings boldly showcased in their Google Ads.

Through the simple addition of Seller Ratings, Click Post saw a truly whopping conversion increase of 125% in the short space of 2 months when they joined. But it doesn't stop there! Increased traffic from an ad is one thing, but Click Post have seen on-page conversions.

Click Post attribute this to the level of trust established when shoppers visit or land on their website. With reviews clearly published sitting centre stage on their homepage, Click Post boast an impressive 56% sales increase in a 6 month period, with an overall continuing month-by-month sales increase of 10-14%!

Once we had reached the qualifying amount of reviews for google to display the stars below our Adwords in April, we saw a 125% increase in conversions between April 2018 and May 2018. Between May 2018 and November 2018 we have seen a sales increase by 56%. Our sales are now typically growing by 10 to 14% each month which we would directly correlate to having customer reviews displayed on our website.

You can easily display your reviews on pages of your website like Click Post by implementing one of our badges or widgets. Click Post use our Carousel Widget as seen above. Badges and widgets display your reviews in tailored ways to suit your website and instantly catch shoppers' eyes, offering peer-created information at their fingertips.

Perfected review strategy

Click Post are true conversion boosting masters, as their review response rates are off the charts too. Review conversion rates beyond the industry average is always impressive, but Click Post have taken that figure and smashed it out the park with conversion in excess of 28%!

Click Post have created a fantastic review strategy, with simplicity at the heart of it. They provide great service off the bat and offer their customers to share that experience with a friendly, no nonsense review invitation. Any hiccup is quickly addressed, and every single piece of feedback is displayed openly on their site, with their stars splashed across Google.

To-be customers see this, trust signals are established, and the decision to use Click Post for themselves is acted upon. They too find that they had a fantastic experience with Click Post, and they themselves are offered the opportunity to share that experience. And the cycle continues!

Case study summary

In sum, Click Post have and continue to delight their customers with their fantastic service, which they actively collect and share online. Their reviews have enabled them to take on board customer suggestions and highlight potential blind spots in their service to improve upon, as well as offer resolution and keep all their customers smiling.

An attractive star rating due to their hard work is showcased across Google, their website and across social channels, ultimately helping them to stand out in a sea of listings and competitors driving traffic and on-site conversions. This has helped them see a 125% increase in on-page conversions from their paid ads, and an overall 56% acceleration in their sales, which continues to grow by 14% each month.

We wish Click Post the best of luck with their continued review journey here at, however they seem to have their approach locked down, and luck has nothing to do with it!

For more information about how you can start collecting, publishing and managing your reviews to start boosting your online presence and revenue, get in touch with a member of our team. Alternatively, head to our homepage and read our business solutions, or quickly get started by booking a demo today.

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